Monday, September 24, 2012

You Look Familiar

Oh yes, because I picked you up at 2:30 am at a late night taco stand and had sex with you in 2007 or was it 2008?  And then, I had sex with you a few more times after that after 3:00 am on a few other occasions.  Hi, how are you, whatever your name is......Nick, Greg, Bryan?

I just checked out a guy at Starbucks and then realized that I had slept with him...this world is too small for my vagina.  Then, I acted so suave and ran away! 

And I wil clarify that I haven't had sex with that many people (and if you have, AWESOME, my vagina issues have kept me back), but I do like to talk about sex. I have only had 3 REAL one night stands....this one I mention, another one that happened in college that I DO NOT REMEMBER, and my proudest one, the one that just happened back in March when I was an absolute cougar (yum, men under 25 still got it....drool)....

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