Sunday, December 30, 2012

BEST FIND EVER Instead Softcup (and yes, for your vagina!)

I am going to share something personal....I know, I know, this isn't a revolutionary thing for me....

Okay, here is the deal.....I seem to always have my period when I see Crush.  Considering all the good luck I have had with him thus far, I will take it.  TMI, but he isn't freaked out by it, he considers it natural and a sign I am fertile (let us hope and pray as I have had baby FEVER lately!).  He will be one of those men who is going to want to do it a lot when I am with child one day.....I have a feeling I may have to get a fence installed in our bed to protect me from being handled...I can see me needed space when I am baking life.  We will cross this bridge when we come to it, but you know, I like to over-analyze everything and then some.

So, yes, where were we, of course, my vagina.

In an effort to eliminate my period this month, I attempted to skip my sugar pills in my birth control set and go right on to the active ones.  I have the kind of birth control that allows for this little trick and I checked in with my doctor before I decided to try my luck.  FAIL.  Instead of not being blessing with my gift this month, I have had my period for 8 days straight since I skipped the sugars and went straight to the actives.  This is no miracle.  IT SUCKS!  I checked back in with the doctor and it does happen sometimes, I guess my vagina just loves to look like a horror film.  Nifty.

I hit the web and started entertaining all options as it's possible that I may bleed all month.  I get to see Crush so rarely that while he doesn't care about being messy, it really creeps me out and washing a mattress pad is really not something I enjoy.  Especially when it isn't my own.  I just want to make love to my man without the sheets turning into a Jackson Pollock.

Here is what I found, Instead Softcup!  A miracle!  It is a menstrual cup that you insert kinda like a tampon and you can keep it in up to 12 hours.  BONUS = you can have sex with it in, NO MESS!

There are pros and cons to this, but I think the pros far outweigh the cons.  Here they are:


1.  You can leave it in up to 12 hours

2.  You can have sex with it in (I will report back to see if this is a success)

3.  I find it less painful than a tampon

4.  There is no odor

5.  No risk of TSS with it in

6.  Great for workouts, long trips, traveling, camping, etc. (took a spin class with it in with no issue)

7.  Found mine at Walgreens for $8.00 for 14.   Online, has 24 for less than $10.00.

PLEASE NOTE: I tried the disposable ones.  They have 2 kinds, one kind that you can use your entire period (you rinse them out, 2 come in a box) and one kind that you use for 12 hours and thrown away (disposable).  I have only tried the disposable, not the reusable, so I cannot speak for the reusable.


1.  You have to be comfy really touching yourself internally to get it in and out (I am really comfy with my friend, so no problem for me, but I know some don't like personally getting intimate with their flower)

2.  There is a learning curve to taking it in and out with no mess

3.  You can't flush it down the toilet like a tampon

So, I will report back to let you know how it holds up under sexual conditions.  I am very open with myself (a best friend refers to me as a "perv" which I greatly appreciate and consider a compliment) and my Crush, so he knows about it and we are going to be conscious of it this week when we reacquaint ourselves.  From the reviews I read, sometimes gents can feel it and sometimes they can't.  Every one is different, so I think this is best explored between 2 people privately.

Also, I have had no accidents or leaks yet with a heavy flow, so I do think if you use it correctly, you shouldn't either.

Email me ( if you have any questions, I promise you it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Not to be even more disgusting, but I use the Diva Cup. You can't have sex with it in, but I think its better than those softcups. When I was younger I used to bleed very heavily. The Diva cup lets me actually take a measurement of how much I bleed (it holds .5 oz), so I can report back to my doctor. Its a cince to put in and take out, now that I've used it for so long. I never use tampons or pads, ever. Its seriously the best thing ever, its reusable, costs $20 and you can find them at whole foods or online.


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