Saturday, September 22, 2012

Think Pink

Like the rockstar.  I never liked Pink until very recently.  When she first came out, she felt too white trash (Real Housewives of NY really reintroduced this word back into pop culture) for me and she also looked just like this girl I worked with in college who I really liked, but my bff got into a fight with her mom (yes, her mom was like 15 years older than her and would attend college parties) and that always tainted Pink the artist for me because she made me think of the time my bff fought with a 35 drunk women violently and to this day, no one knows why they didn't get along....

I digress, naturally.  Well, these days, I really like Pink.  I view her as a person who can be in the limelight and not be stuck on being perfect.  Her tunes have a good beat and make you feel really strong and all girl power and rock a perfect 8 count for exercise class, thanks Pink!

I also like how Pink always makes fun of the Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian set (I spared Nicole Ritchie because I think she recently found her soul) and people always side with these chicks are vapid confused lost little girls.....because being in the limelight is very delicate if you aren't tough.  Amanda Bynes, I am looking at you.  Thank you bff and MTV for not allowing me on the Real World.  Ready and Fading would have looked worse than Stephen who hit Irene on Real World: Seattle....I digress, again.

The other thing I like about Pink is her husband, Carey Hart. I have a thing for extreme sports I love me a tattoo sleeve (I really shouldn't because I am Jewish and Jewish people aren't "supposed" to have tattoos, perhaps mostly I have learned because Jewish grandmothers don't like them and in reality what they say is really the law) and a flexible man doing moronic things on board or bike is just yum.  I like all the extreme guys (just not Shaun White because I don't like red hair yet I always date debatable red heads...)....I like Jonny Moseley, TJ Lavin, even Jesse Csincsak (I cannot believe I admitted that, DeAnna Pappas, you are a fool)....I even once made out with a very sexy extreme man who I promise to tell you about sometime.....epic night, Denver 2009, WHOOT!  I digress a third time....oy oy oy, I think Carey is cool because he lets Pink write songs about him and he is a good sport and that is the real key.....going with the flow.  I am happy Pink and Carey have worked it out, Willow Hart is lucky even though she shares the same first name first as Willow Smith (whip that hair!).

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