Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is a very special day, my mom and dad's 38th wedding anniversary.  They had a VERY short engagement (sometimes, like in mom's case ultimatums and cohabitation actually works out) and a very modest wedding (mom's parents were willing to give them anything they wanted), but 38 years later, they are still married, not bankrupt, and retired, so they must have done something right!

In honor of their love (and fighting, they fight ALL the time, but since living here, I have learned that they were this kind of couple, the kind that loves to fight and make up....), I made a list of why my parents are awesome parents and why I am glad they got married that wintery day nearly 4 decades ago:

1.  My parents are awesome because they really do love each other.  They are honest, they are faithful, and they are honorable.  They value the bond of marriage and taught my sister and me the importance of commitment and respect (when you make up in their case....) that marriage entails.  Even when times got tough, they never gave up.  This is why they are still married.

2.  My parents are awesome because they lived their lives for themselves before children.  I have seen the photos....blackmail material!  They created a great bond before having my older sister, so they were ready for her. My parents waited 4 years after marriage before having babies (my mom's baby fever got so bad that my dad would have to steer her to another restaurant if he happened to see a baby in the one that they were planning to dine at) and their established friendship before children and all the tough stuff that comes with kids is the main reason why I believe they are still a pair.

3.  My parents are awesome because they love children.  My parents wanted my sister and me, always put us first, taught us how to love, gave us countless experiences, memories, and lessons.  My sister and I had a stay at home mom and a dad that came home around 6:00 pm everyday and then spent weekends with us, how lucky were we?  My parents lived for my sister and me since the days we were both born and they still live for us.  They are generous, supportive, kind, and loving beyond belief.  They aren't perfect, but they are not far from it most of the time.

4.  My parents are awesome because they are silly.  They love a good dirty joke (both my parents LOVED the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall), farting, being real about bodily functions, and being natural.  My mom much more than my dad, but through the years, she has rubbed off on him.  We are all people and we all poop.  It is kinda funny when you think about it.

5.  My parents are awesome because they didn't spoil my sister and me.  This isn't who they are.  My dad drives an old car (16 years old and brags about it), but he was able to retire at 62 and has no debt, so props to him.  Yes, spoiled is all relative.  Some may consider me spoiled, but it all depends on where you come from.  Unlike most of the ladies my age where I live, I do not care about what kind of purse I carry, I love to shop discount, and I have no idea about trends.  I love Talbots.  Preppy never goes out of style.  My mom has the BEST taste.  She can go into a TJ Maxx and come out victorious, she believes in a few nice things and so do I.

6.  My parents are awesome because they are charitable.  They give to the poor.  They help people in need.  They support organizations they believe in.  They give family and family friends money when they need it.

7.  My parents are awesome because they own their reality and don't care about what other people think.  They are authentic and true to themselves.  They don't front.  They saved money and live rather modestly, but they have so much more than most of their peers, because they didn't fall victim to "keeping up with the Jonenes"....which is the sad reality of most people in my neighborhood.  My parents don't nickel and dime, they believe in fine service and nice experiences.  They tip well, they order dessert and coffee, they make helping them easy.

8.  My parents are awesome because they support my sister and me no matter what.  We both tripped, stumbled, and fell many times growing up.  Literally and figuratively, but we always had unconditional support and guidance from them.  Who gets to go home at 30 and be babied and get to focus on themselves and not have to worry about food or rent?  Me!  I AM SO LUCKY!  My sister is in an awesome place for her (married, baby, baby on the way, just bought a house) and I am getting there, too.  I owe all of our good fortune to our parents.  Unconditional love and support speaks volumes towards success.

9.  My parents are awesome because they are smart.  They like to read.  They can complete the New York Times crossword puzzle most days, they enjoy music, art, culture, cuisine.  They lived full lives, traveled, expanded their worlds.  They are open minded in most ways.

10.  My parents are awesome because they are good people.  They care about others.  They take care of their sick parents, they do things they don't want to do all the time just because it is the right thing to do.  They are the people that other people depend on.  They do the daily tasks and favors that most people won't do or involve themselves in.  They understand that "it's only money",  that "every day is a new day", and that "it could be worse."  They are grounded and level headed and tuned in.  You can't fool my parents, they see bad because they are so good (cough cough Awful)....



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