Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It it time to share some current goals.  I hope that writing them down makes them a bit more real.  Here goes:

1.  Make time for myself one day a week during off season.  This means no work email, text, or phone. Out of office goes on and I will rest and have fun all day!

2.  Travel solo.  Trip #1 will be this year.  This means alone.  No friends, no men, no family.

3.  30 days binge free starts today.  I will write down my feelings here, I will not eat them.

4.  Catch up on ALL email!  ALL of it!  Go through my inbox and send thank-you's to everyone that deserves one.  Better late than never.

5.  Get the business all wrapped up before January 2013.  ALL OF IT!  Stop being afraid, stop procrastinating.

6.  Accept social plans.  Go places alone.  Have faith that it won't be so bad.

7.  Ask a man, any man that I find attractive and isn't wearing a wedding ring for his phone number. Ask until a man gives me his number.  Accept that most will be dating or spoken for and ask until I find a cute one that isn't and wants to give me his number.  Speaking of men, get a new dating profile up with current photos before January 2013.

8.  Exercise, even if it is only a walk, daily.

9.  Wash the face twice daily.  Contacts out every night.  Teeth brushed.  Basic hygiene is hard when I am depressed.

10.  Charge enough.  I am worth it.  I will not carry costs that aren't mine to carry to avoid conflict.  I will speak out, I will defend myself, I will use my voice.

11.  Stop being a hater.  Continue to be happy for other people.  They will be happy for me in due time when it all actually happens.

12.  Real food, real ingredients, real health.

13.  Make eye contact.

14.  Do what I say I will do and set realistic time expectations.

15.  Call the people I love once a week just to say hi and catch up.

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