Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Binge Free: Day 1

It is the end of Day 1 of my binge-free spree.  I am going for 30 days in a row starting with Day 1, today.  I don't think I will never have a set back, I know better.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  I don't think I will always have perfect days, I know better.  Food is my best friend, sometimes my only friend.  I like to isolate myself often.

I will say that I tracked all of my food today and that I am not hungry.  I ate around 1,400 calories today and I am fine.  Do I want a cookie?  Yes, of course I do.  But, I am not hungry, I am actually just tired and thirsty, so I am going to get some water, take my contacts out, and hit the hay.  I plan to get to bed early, so I can wake up early and eat work, because I have lots to do and I have taken the last few days off without telling my clients.....I need a break from time to time, but I have to succeed.  It is time to actually DO something and not just TALK about doing it.

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