Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quality NOT Quantity

I believe in a few nice things.  A few nice friends.  A few favorite places.

Life is simpler when you live it with the mindset of quality versus quantity.

Awful Ex believed in treating your "nice things nice" like any blue-blooded WASP should.  His family owned beautiful antiques, treasured heirlooms that they brought over on the Mayflower, and believed that a little hole in a cashmere sweater added character.  I appreciate this.  As a Jew, I can say, this nouveau riche bullshit is getting old.

I have stopped shopping at Forever 21 and H&M.  I am not young.  I should be able to afford a few nice things to wear.  My life is so much easier now that I own clothes that fit, look tailored, and are perfectly suited for all of my destinations.

I have never believed that tons of friends brings tons of happiness.  This was a huge issue for Awful and me.  He sees the good (or how he can personally benefit) from ALL social situations.   He would rather hang out with a murderer than be alone.  I find spending time with people I hate to be exhausting.  So much so, that if I feel like I really don't care for you and you want to be my client, I make it very hard for you to book with me.  I just know that down the road, I am saving us an awkward conversation.

There are 6 friends in this entire world that I truly love and care about.  I am deeply grateful for this.

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