Monday, September 24, 2012

Binge Free: Day 7

2,300 calories.  Again, not the best, but I ate 3 meals out today, so it could have been worse.....the next few days will be much better as I will be able to eat meals at home.

I enjoyed my lunch and dinner as I caught up with friends and babies that I haven't seen in a bit and it was awesome to eat yummy food and have it satisfy me.  Truth time: often in the past this year, I would eat out and then still again alone.....I mean, not good.  I workout daily, so optimally, I would like to eat around 1,800 calories daily, but I am still looking to play around and will take one day at a time.

This morning, when I weighed, I was down 3 pounds total, so 27 to go!

Sweet dreams all!


  1. I used to do that too, 'secret eating', I don't do it anymore, but I know what it feels like. Sometimes I would eat before getting dinner with friends as to not eat so much in front of them. Even though I generally do not eat large amounts anyway.

    Food disorders are super weird, but once you sit down and really think why you do the things you do, its easier to figure it all out and stop doing it.

  2. I am so proud of you for not 'secret eating' anymore. It is a hard habit to quit.

    Food disorders are totally weird, but now that I have acknowledged I have one, just like you said, it is easier to ask myself why emotionally I am turning to food. Not totally out of the woods yet, but I can see the way out which is comforting me more than any binge.

    I totally still do the eating before! And I eat HUGE amounts...


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