Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is The Only News Good News?

I wrote a post a few days ago about receiving other people's good news.  I also learned that I am not so good at it...someone shared good news with me yesterday and I really put myself in the moment and received their positivity with open arms and it actually made me feel better....weird...good work me.  My own negativity is my work enemy.

I just wanted to share this article which I found very interesting and on point.

It is very true that there are 2 sides to this debate and both need to be treated delicately.  There is a way to share good news and there is a way to openly receive it.  I am going to remember this as I know that when it is time for me to share good news, not everyone in my life will be in as good of a place (life comes with highs and lows) and I want people to be genuinely happy for me then, so I will do my best to be truly happy for them right now.

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