Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Robbing the Cradle

I am getting to the point where I will have to date a younger man.  The men my age who have never been married seem to be insane.  I am old enough to be the same age as insane single men....sweet.

I do think that my best bet may be snagging a man a few years younger that actually wants to get married rather than a man my own age who isn't too sure.  I tried convincing someone Awful to marry me and I'm not all that convincing.

I think Taylor Swift and her Kennedy are a weird couple.  She is WAY too old for him, I mean 22 and 18 aren't like 30 and 26, it is more like 4 and 0 or 12 and 8 or 16 and 12.....there is a big difference.

I mean, he IS in high school.  Albeit, a very fancy private prep school, so he may be way mature and not a virgin, but he is still not even able to drink legally in a bar.....screw John Mayer.  All of the women he has ever dated, date the weirdest guys after they escape from him.....Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy, Jessica Simpson and her weird fiancé who she got really fat with, Jennifer Aniston and Justin T.....Taylor and Baby Ken(nedy)....I rest my case.

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