Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I wish I never dated the Awful Ex.

I wish I was better with money.

I wish I could maintain a healthy weight for a bit longer than just a few months.

I wish I wasn't single.

I wish I didn't live where I do.

I wish I wasn't afraid of what other people think of me.

I wish I wouldn't have stayed at the job I hated for as long as I did.

I wish I would have seen the world by now.

I wish I would have traveled abroad in college.

I wish I wouldn't have drank so much in college and I would have been a better student.

I wish I would have picked a major that offered better job security and pay.

I wish I would know what being in love really feels like.

I wish I could be 28 again.

I wish my sister didn't live so far away.

I wish I liked my brother-in-law and thought he was a nice person.

I wish that when I am 40, I will look back at my 30s and be proud of the decisions I made.

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