Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pet Peeve

My mind doesn't work like most people's.  Like most men's, I should clarify.

When you answer my questions, I will remember the details.  I will know your dog's name, where your sister lives, the school your brother attended for undergrad.  I am all in the details.  One reason why I love my bffs is because their minds works like this, too.  We have open conversations about each other's friends that we don't share as if we know them personally.  Truth is, most of these people, I haven't even met, we remember enough to be able to relate because we genuinely care.

I am talking to someone occasionally and he doesn't remember my details.  He continues to ask me the same questions, the questions I have already answered in detail and it's really starting to bother me.  I am very sensitive to this.  I hate to over-explain myself,  I have yet to meet a man who remembers my details.  Is this men or is this the men I seem to attract?  Because it shouldn't be that hard to remember some things if you were really that into me.....He's Just Not That Into You didn't just change Miranda's life, it also changed mine.

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