Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Product Review: Kiehl's Conditioner and Grooming Aid - Formula 133

In an effort to clean out my toiletry drawer before I move, I am using up all of my beauty samples...even the ones that are a few decades years old.

I finally decided to break into a little bottle of Kiehl's Conditioner and Grooming Aid - Formula 133 that I have been "saving" for a special occasion....

Well, it is AWESOME.

I don't need another expensive beauty product in my arsenal, but this is worth every cent.

A few years ago, right after I moved home, I got 1 of the worst haircuts of my life.  My mom made me go because she thought a little sprucing up would brighten my mood.  Unfortunately, the lady she sent me to for my makeover, didn't speak English well....a simple trim turned into an 8 inch haircut in a matter of seconds.

I wasn't ready for such a change.

Hair flew off my head before I could protest.

It was soul crushing.

Since since, I have been growing back my hair (1 of my favorite features) to it's signature length (right below my breasts), but instead of growing back thick and wavy (like it was before the CHOP), it has become a thin, lifeless, and drab curtain.  The stylist razored my strands and my hair didn't like it.  Sad.

After I used my sample the other day, I couldn't believe the results.  My hair was BACK.  There is hope.

And it wasn't just in my mind, all of the clients I saw that day complimented it.  One even asked if I had extensions in.....I was on a good hair day high!

This product can be used as a standard rinse-out conditioner or as a leave-in one.  I sampled it as both. That's just how I roll.

I used about a quarter sized amount in the shower and rinsed it out.  I then finger combed about a pea sized amount through my freshly washed and towel dried hair post shower.


I always air dry my hair before I style it (I flat iron the ends and put a few large curls/waves in after that with a curling iron) and I almost didn't even have to style looked THAT good.

My hair dried all sexy, thick, wavy, shiny, and beachy.

I just ordered a big bottle in the hopes of recreating this magic mane miracle again and again.

Try it.


  1. Wow!! Thanks for the review. The Mister uses a lot of Kiehl's. I will have to tell him to pick me up some conditioner next time!

    1. You will love it (I hope!). Kiehl's is great at giving samples, so tell Mister to pick you up some to try. I typically don't like Keihl's hair products as they don't have much of a scent (and scents are what seduces me to buy many of my hair and bath products), but I made an exception here and I am a fan! Conditioned again with this today and my hair is currently thanking me.


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