Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Divine Intervention

Alright, confession time..... I am in my car A LOT for my job.  I drive near and far almost every day and being in the car bores me terribly, mostly because I don't talk to many people on the phone and because I can't use the computer (safely) while I am driving.  I must get some books on tape, I bet they come in CDs or even can be downloaded now....true story, I learned how to email like 5 years ago....SO BAD AT TECHNOLOGY I AM!

Any who, sometimes,  when I am flipping through the channels in my car, trying to entertain myself and trying to avoid the 20 CDs I like and listen to all the time (and cry to as previously mentioned) and the 5 "good stations" that all seem to play the same songs regardless of their label of pop, alternative, or country stations, I find a beautiful song.  Like a really awesome song, an inspiring song, a song that makes me feel hope, peace, and tranquility......and I become completely transfixed on this song until.......

I realize the song in question is Christian Rock.

I am Jewish.

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