Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Do I Overeat?

I was texting with one of my BFFs this morning about overeating and tracking and it made me think...why do I binge or even just overeat?  It is rarely, if ever, because I am hungry, we all know this....lately it has been because:

1.  I am procrastinating about work that needs to be done.

2.  I am nervous because my life is transitioning again, aka, the Crush.  I don't deal with transitions well or smoothly ever.  I am trying to be more conscious this time.

3.  I am bored and stuck at home.  Cabin fever.

4.  I am self-sabotaging.  I do this every ten pounds or so I lose.  I get cocky.  It is such a catch-22.

5.  I have a fuck it day and eat chocolate for breakfast and then give up.

6.  I don't track.

7.  I wait too long to eat and then I get too hungry to control myself.

8.  I try to quell my anxiety and inner thoughts by crunching.....always chips or crackers.

9.  I didn't sleep well, so instead of taking a nap, I munch.  I need to just take a nap.

10.  I didn't work out.  On the days I workout, I subconsciously tend to eat better.

Good news, there are solutions, easy ones actually, for these, now I am going to reread my list and work on it!

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