Sunday, October 21, 2012

Soundtrack of My Life

I have always loved music.

I can remember being a very little girl and being excited to take car rides, so I could listen to the radio.

My parents had a record player and my sister, mom, and I would dance to her old records from college: James Taylor, Carly Simon, the Beatles.

Much of the bond I had with my best friends in college was because we all loved music.  Especially live music, we would go to concerts all the time.  These same friends are still my best ones and we still exchange bands, some of my favorite groups became my favorite because of shows I saw with them over the years.

The Crush LOVES music even more than I do.  We do this thing where we send each other bands and songs back and forth via email and I love it.  This is exactly the kind of game that I like to play with someone.  I sent him a few CDs last week and asked him to pick out what songs he thought were my favorite and he totally guessed right.  He even took it a step further and was able to pick out my favorite lyrics from each song, I was beyond impressed.

He will send me songs with the email heading "A Song I Thought You Would Like" and he has been dead on.  If you know me well enough, you know I am a sucker for great guitar, piano, some harmonica, and a soulful it isn't that hard to send me things that I want to listen to, once you know my taste.

Music for me has always been an emotional connector.  I was a late bloomer.  I have always been a true romantic.  When I was younger, I wanted to feel the things music expressed.  The happiness, the sadness, the yearning, the pain, the love.  I wanted to feel it all and now, finally, in the last few years, I feel like I have.  I have had my heart broken, I have broken someone else's.  I have been disappointed and I have also been triumphant.

I have been sitting on a few things that I don't feel like dealing with, but I feel ready to face things now.

I listened to some of my favorite songs last night and I found the strength to wrap up a few things.  It's only life and I know I can get through this uncomfortableness. It is my goal to send a much needed email to a former client and make right about what I deserve because I did nothing wrong.  Oy.  Good luck to me.

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