Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Binge Free: Week 2 Recap

It was another good week around here.  I worked all weekend, so my eating is always a bit sporadic when I am working nonstop (my job requires me to sometimes be pretty much up and on for about 72 hours straight....and no, I am not a lady of the night).  Then, as per usual, I eat lots and sleep lots when the work is done and it all seems to balance out as it has according to the scale this morning.

I did eat a bunch of cookies and crackers last night while I was trying to sleep.  Not really a binge as I was COMPLETELY aware of the crumbs in the bed and why I was doing it.  I was also super hungry because I hadn't been able to eat anything all day.....butterflies!

I will be seeing le Crush in 1 week and I am NERVOUS!  I am really mostly excited, but I am nervous too because well, I find him to be very attractive.  Conventionally, I am not sure if everyone would think so, but I am really into his inside AND outside and oy........I hate to admit this, but I have NEVER been attracted, like really attracted to anyone I have ever dated.  I had to get drunk the first few months of the relationship with Awful to sleep with him for the most part.  DID I JUST ADMIT THAT?!  I did.  OMG, I did.  So, now that I like what I see with Crush and I LOVE who he is as a person, well, I do think I am going to be just a little pile of mush and I do hope I can remain ladylike even though I am waging that I may not be able to....we will see.

I am working on packing for our little trip and all I have come up with is underwear, it is really not a good sign here as I am sure I will be required to wear pants at some time during this trip...

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