Monday, October 29, 2012

Binge Free: Week 4 Recap

I didn't really count calories this week.  I didn't binge either.  I plan to weigh myself this week.  I feel like I could be up a few.  I seem a bit fluffy (chubby).  I have no idea.  Today, I really don't care.  I am back to tracking.

As for eating last week, well, I was on vacation, but I only ate while I was hungry, progress.  Crush has a really normal relationship with food.  It is awesome.  I need that in my life.  He eats when he is hungry, he stops when he is full.  Novel idea.  I know.  Novel.

Awful had food issues like me.  We brought out the worst in each other in every way.  Awful couldn't stop eating things he liked, which were mostly unhealthy things...bags of chips, pizzas, bad for me to be around that.  I PACKED on the pounds.  Very quickly I did.  I would ask him to not bring my trigger foods into the house and he always did.  Secretly, I think he liked me a bit bigger as he was a very jealous person, he didn't like when men looked at me.

I do feel like the eating issues are naturally untangling themselves now that I have accepted the fact that I have a huge problem....the knots are starting to loosen up. We will see.  We will see.

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