Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Just Had To Share

Just as I was finishing my post about Crush and my feelings, a bunch of texts came in from him.  I want to document them, so I will never forget and also, every time I talk about him, he seems to know....

Texts -

I have never had dreams like this before.  It is so cool.  I may have heard it happening to others, but never me.

I keep looking at my phone and it is totally true that it happened again.  Really creepy this time.

And then to make it even more unique, we both had a part relating to our exes and texting at the SAME exact time this morning....WTF!

(In my dream, I dreamt Crush and me were holding hands walking down the street and we passed Awful and his wife walking down the street and we all said hello and exchanged pleasantries and then Crush and I were instantly in a hotel room passionately making out....he dreamt that he was talking to a good friend about how he knew he wasn't supposed to be with his ex and needed to leave her and then he dreamt about the same delicious make out session as me)

Honestly, the whole dream really really made me happy and the kiss was very symbolic in my dream because it represented the future for me, well, uh, I guess for us, right?

I am so happy.

If I tell people, like my parents or friends, no one is ever going to believe me because the whole thing seems unbelievable, but its totally happening.  I just know from the way I feel about all of this.  It's amazing.

And I would not be surprised, if we are experiencing a divine intervention.  I have been wishing and praying for someone like you for my whole life.

I am sure you look gorgeous today and in my dream we were just perfect together.  We fit perfectly.

And right as we were really kissing, I woke up.  I can't even tell you how amazing it was and how beautiful it was.  I sound like a girl.  You are making me sound like a chick.  What is happening to me?

I actually kind of feel like crying.  It's really emotional.  I must go to work.  Talk later.  Can't wait.  What is happening to me?  You are making me insane. 



  1. HAHA! I WANT TO SUPER BAD! We live in different cities, so when he comes to visit in a few weeks, it is SO on. For real. I fear I may scare him....


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