Friday, October 12, 2012

Binge Free: Day 5 (Week 2)

Another really good day yesterday.  1,700 calories.  I am starting to really get the eating to satisfaction thing here....I mean, hunger has never been the issue for me.  My feelings have been.

As of late, I am feeling like things will be okay.  Even if it doesn't work out with Crush, at least now I know that normal guys exist, though they may live in different cities...they are around. You just have to look a bit for them.

Someone asked me, what will you do if this doesn't work out with Crush? Yes, I will be sad, but I will be okay, too.  Awful was the big let down for me because he promised me things from the very beginning and then he couldn't make right by his statements.

Crush and I have openly discussed not making any promises to each other yet that we can't keep.  Therefore, I can dream, but I am not going to get caught up in some fantasy of maybes and some days without a reason and he is already beginning to give me some very good reasons, all the coincidences aside...Crush is a man of his word and I am going to wait to see what the future may hold. It is fun to wander into my thoughts, but I am really pulling myself back each and every day, so I do not let my heart get too attached to something so much more than what I am experiencing now.  Because I am staying in reality, I am not turning to food.  I am not feeling let down by a situation I created in my mind.

I lived and learned from my experience with Awful.  Actions speak louder than words. 

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