Thursday, October 11, 2012

Binge Free: Days 2-4 (Week 2)

Oddly enough....I have been doing really well with the binging.  Much of this is because I am really avoiding many of the foods that cause epic binges for me: crackers, cereal, string cheese...!

I also feel really excited and all full of butterflies because of Crush, it is hard for me to swallow when I am smiling.

Calories for the past few days have been right around 1,400.  Weight is the same, but I had a major wardrobe achievement which I will share in a post in just a moment.

I do think that I will record my calories every day in a post (I am using a calorie counter, highly recommend!), put only post Binge Free once a week as I bet it is a bit tedious and all.  One post will have all 7 days starting on week 3 which is coming up. I am also interested to see how a week looks calorie wise in total, so this may help....

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