Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekend in Review

I am back in action!  Crush left yesterday afternoon and I miss him already.  We had such a wonderful time together and my family LOVES him, even my grandmother and she doesn't love anyone....

The entire weekend felt relaxed, natural, easy, and stress-free.

I am so proud to take Crush around and have him be mine.  We took some lovely walks hand in hand, kissed on street corners, and shared milkshakes (1 glass, 2 straws!)....I felt like I was in a movie.

At a few points, I got a bit nervous that we could see Awful as I introduced Awful to many of my favorite places while we were dating and then they became his favorite places.  I didn't want to censor my choices in where I would take Crush, so I decided to take him to the places that are significant to me and my experience in this city.  Before we went out to the one place that I thought we could possibly see Awful, I told him that if we did, I would let him know and then we could smile and say hi and he was fine with it.  I can be such a paranoid person....we never saw Awful of course. The fact that Crush allowed me to have a mini meltdown about it was very him, so caring and accepting of all of my neuroses.

The family meeting went just as I expected it would, everyone loves each other!  Crush reminds me so much of my dad.  The second night we got together, my dad and Crush even wore the same outfit!  I thought it was hilarious.  My dad thought it was telling and said, "it makes sense, your mom dresses me and you dress Crush, of course we may match from time to time!"  I will say, my mom and I know how to dress a man, they both looked adorable!

Next step, Crush's parents and my parents will meet in the spring in his hometown, where I will be moving in September.  This I may be nervous about, but only because it is a big deal!  I do think they will all get along swimmingly and it will continue to feel right.  We both decided that we really want our folks to have the chance to bond and get to know each other before we make any real commitments.  It is important for our parents to feel like a part of things because we are both so close with ours.

Here are some highlights from the weekend in my favorite form, a list!


1.  I got to see Crush!

2.  I shared some of my favorite places in my city (restaurants, museums, views) with Crush and he loved and appreciated them, too.

3.  We visited my grandmother at her retirement home and Crush was so kind and sweet with her and also with the other residents.  He was gentle, patient, and sincere. It made me think of how he would be as a father and I swooned.

4.  We saw my parents on two separate occasions and they think he is the BEST.  My dad especially and my father HATED Awful.  Daddy did his best to be kind to Awful, but inside, he didn't think he was a gentleman and that scared him.  My father was very touched by Crush.  He told me last night (after Crush left) that after out first dinner all together on Saturday, he felt exactly the way about Crush that he did when he first met my brother-in-law......that he would be proud to call Crush his son-in-law.  I cried.

5.  Crush came with me to a few of my work appointments and told me that he fell even more in love with me watching me work and helping my clients. Sigh.

6.  Crush asked me what kind of engagement ring would make me happy and I told him a ring like my mom wears and he checked my mom's ring out in detail when we saw them for dinner the first evening we saw them....I could see him doing it and really focusing in on the ring. Before we went to sleep that night, he whispered in my ear that he would love to get me a ring just like my mom's and that he can't wait to see me wear that symbol.

7.  Crush was a very good sport on multiple occasions including an awkward comedy show with my parents, a restaurant where servers are rude, and a cab that smelled like vomit.

8.  Crush kept the hotel room clean and organized because he knows that stuff all over the ground stresses me out and I need order in tight spaces.  I never said I wasn't OCD.

9.  Crush as always opened doors, pulled out chairs, and stood for ladies.....the southern charm will NEVER get old with me.

10.  Crush stayed at my favorite museum with me for hours and hours and even played a game that I used to play with my sister where we picked out our favorite things on display and then explained why gets silly after a while, but it makes the visit so much more enjoyable!


1. I got very sick with strep throat and wanted to stay in bed most of the time, but I toughed it out.

2.  Because I was sick, I got a little mean and nasty with Crush and hurt his feelings.

3.  We didn't get to meet some of my friends and family because I didn't want them to get sick and some have babies, so it was extra important that I didn't expose them.

4.  The trip went too fast and he is already back home.

5.  The weather was terrible!  Cold, icy, snowy, and freezing rain.  It made being outdoors almost unbearable.

6.  I ate some bread and other things I would typically avoid (in small quantities) and they made me a bit sluggish, which is a good thing, because I am not wanting to eat them again right now.

I plan to share more in journal form this week, when I finish processing the overall success of the trip.

Crush is only the 2nd guy to formally meet the family, so this was a big step for me!


  1. Aw, sounds fun! I'm so happy for you, minus the strep throat, haha! I like the museum game, thats a good thing to do, especially to get to know new people!

    1. Thank you! It is fun, especially at a place like a museum where you can miss lots of details.


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