Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diet & Binge Updates

Since I returned from the South, I have lost the weight I gained over the holiday, but I haven't lost any more.  I am fine with this.  Since recommitting to myself, I have lost 7 pounds total, I have 25 to go.  I am basically where I have been for a while, holding steady.

I have been going to my WeightWatchers meetings, but I haven't really been following the plan.  It was the only diet that has ever worked for me, so it has always been my fallback, but it is not working for me anymore and I am fine with this.   I don't believe in fake food and synthetic sugar anymore, so eating naturally for the most part takes up all of my points.  It is this confusing thing that is happening....I am over my points because of my food choices, but under my daily recommended caloric intake for a day to lose 1 pound a week (1,700).  For example, some days, I will have only consumed 1,400 calories, but I went WAY over my daily points allowance because I opted for a latte with 2 percent milk and real sugar, white toast with real butter, and a small portion of steak and mashed potatoes.  I am over it.  I want to eat real, pure, and realistically.  WeightWatchers is no longer my miracle.

I find the weekly WeightWatchers meetings to be motivating, like therapy, and my leader is so inspiring and supportive.  She gets it.  I go and weigh and listen and talk about food issues, but I don't support all of the "carrots have too much sugar", "use 4 Splenda packets in your banana oatmeal and freeze it overnight for an ice cream substitute, "and "100 calorie packs are my savior, I bring them to the movies for a sweet treat" (I need like 4 to even scratch my itch for sweet!).....these tidbits are not going to work long-term for me, they just won't.

The truth: I NEVER followed WeightWatchers as I should have.  I always made up my own rules and made it work in my own way.  I drank alcohol 5 nights a week and ate veggies and drank diet soda for every meal and lost 35 pounds and called it WeightWatchers....that was not the program they advertised, it was my interpretation.

So, in the last few weeks, I have been journaling my meals and following what causes me to binge and feel totally out of control with my food urges.  Because it is a daily struggle.  I am going to beat this once and for all, but there is no easy way out of this.  This is emotional.  This is about breaking bad habits. This is getting to the bottom of my issues once and for all.

Every time I eat processed carbs: chips, bagels, bread, cereal, english muffins, crackers, or cookies (my regular diet staples and favorite things!) I spin out of control.  My entire day and often my entire week gets off track and I am super hungry constantly.  Oddly enough, I have observed that I can handle small portions of oatmeal, rice, pasta, corn, and potatoes and be totally satisfied, full, and fine.

I did a bit of research and there is this diet book (perhaps a fad, I don't know the research on it), Wheat Belly, that discusses this concept.  I believe for best results the book recommends that you can cut out rice, dairy, and corn, but that will never happen for me...I need those things to exist.  I did buy the book just because I am interested.  For me now though, I am just going to cut out processed wheat and see how I feel and if it helps with my binging as my journaling has lead me to believe it just may.

I will keep you posted!


  1. Also having a history with unhealthy dieting and knowing now that I can't do that long term, I decided to give the Paleo eating philosophy a whirl. Started up around Dec 1.

    Overall have been very pleased with how I look and feel...and weigh. I have lost 6 lbs so far with what feels like no effort. It's coming off slowly, but that is okay!

    What I have really learned from this is that my body doesn't like flour or dairy. This weekend was a prime example. I was on a mini vacation and when we were in a coffee shop I decided, I really want a mocha latte. Sorry for tmi here, but my stomach was upset within ONE hour of drinking it. Yuck. The next day I knew we were going wine tasting, so I actually ate bread with my lunch to ensure I would not get "too happy too quickly". I felt like I had a brick in my stomach and was self conscious about my waist for that day and a couple thereafter since it made me bloat like crazy and doesn't digest for me very quickly. Flour and dairy = bad for this gal.

    Now for "cheating" on this diet, I've noted that my friends on it have occasionally gone off diet once in a while (ex: for dessert or a glass of wine). I have also modified this for myself so that I am not denying a craving, so have occasionally have wine or a slice of flourless chocolate cake. Yum!

    R&F, I think it is great you are starting do to no wheat. I think you will see and feel wonderful results!!

  2. I am VERY excited! Eventually perhaps I will do the Paleo, baby steps for me. Keep up the good work! It is such progress to consciously observe the way food can make you feel. Healthy food just make you feel better when you think about it!

  3. Ok this is going to sound really weird but I think I may try it so i thought i' pass it along. What if you said a little prayer quietly to yourself before you eat. Everytime. Be thankful for the food, ask for help not to binge, ask to eat for nourishment rather than fulfillment of something other than nutrition. Maybe you don't need to do this by yourself. You know we both know our team is out there ready to help us. All we have to do is ask! I know, so weird and cheesy, but it's just a thought!

    1. I LOVE IT and I am TOTALLY doing it. GREAT advice as always. Yes, our team is always right behind us, this may be the simplest and easiest thing I never thought of.

  4. I ate real food and lost 30 pounds last year. I didn't up my exercise, I cut out wheat, bread, rice, flour, sugar, pasta, etc. Basically, I went Atkins. I wanted to see if it worked, and it does. I kept it off, even when I switched from Atkins to Paleo. Now, I did add some lbs back after the holidays (I love peppermint bark), but for the most part Paleo works for me because its what you are saying. Its natural, whole foods. Its not "Low fat" this or that. Some people are more hardcore about it, others, not.

    I haven't read the Paleo books, as I don't need a book to figure out how to eat naturally. But Gary Taubes has written some great books, "Good calories, bad calories" being a good one to start with. He is a science journalist, not a R.D. or Doctor, but cites studies and real research. I'm going to school for nutrition, so this is all the stuff I love to read and learn about!

    I eat butter, meat (including bacon), milk (mostly yogurt), vegetables and fruit. I have a lipid panel done every year, and my cholesterol levels are still low, only like 4 points more than when I was vegan. Bonus is that now I'm not as anemic.

  5. Wow, I am so proud of you and thank you for the advice! I know that natural is the best way for me to eat and the most satisfying. I am going to check out "Good calories, bad calories".....I love hearing these real life stories about small diet changes that end of with big results. You are inspiring me!!!!!


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