Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm Back!!!

HAPPY 2013!

I am working on my 13 goals for 2013 as I had a few new insights this last week down south.  I will post soon.

The Softcups were a hit!  They work GREAT and you can use them when being romantic.  Plus, plus, plus.  I love them.

The trip was wonderful.  We spent 8 nights together without a break and it was mostly magical.  I saw it as a true test.

I NEED my down time and quiet time and alone time and I had NONE this trip and I am okay.  This is weird for me.  Typically, I would be on the brink of a nervous breakdown...when I would go away with Awful, I would need a vacation alone when we returned home as hanging out with him was so unenjoyable.......Even though Crush totally annoys me as would anyone after more than a week straight no break, I didn't want to throw a large heavy object at him at any point, so yay for me and yay for us!

Crush planned the trip and he did well for him.  I am a planner by nature, so if I had planned it, it would have been perhaps a bit more logistically sound.  We didn't spend more than 2 nights in any 1 place, so there was tons of packing/unpacking that I really don't enjoy and really wasn't prepared for, but we made it work.  I lost my cool and yelled at him, but we kissed and made up and learned so much about each other.  He knows I am not cool when I am stressed/tired/hungry and I know he isn't the best at planning road trips with multiple stops.  Also, a new rule was established....I always get to pick the hotels from now on.  I do not enjoy bushels of pubes in bathtubs, EVER.  It is the quickest way for me to keep ALL of my clothes on.

Overall, it was the BEST trip ever.  I can't wait to see him in a few weeks, when he comes north to meet my family!  WHOOT!

I have lots of posts coming, just working on getting them all organized and I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!


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