Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meet the Parents

In less than one week, Crush is coming to meet the parents!

I am super excited.

I am not even nervous which is the best part about this situation.  I just know everyone is going to like each other and I am looking forward to showing him a new place full of experiences.  A city that means so much to me in many ways, but one I never really connected to other than the wonderful family and friends I have here.  I will not be sad to leave as you all know, but one day, we will be married here.  It has always been part of the deal. I move for you, you marry in my former city as a final good-bye to my past and out of respect for my family who will be hosting the event (I have the best parents who saved for such an occasion, so I want to make it most convenient for them).  Of course, he has no problem with it.  A deal is a deal.

I remember when I first introduced Awful to my parents.  They were very nice and respectful to him (at first......), but I could see in their eyes that they wished someone different for me.  It wasn't just religion, I promise you all that.  It was the fact that my parents have very sound and advanced character radar and they picked up that Awful was a sayer and not a doer and that concerned them.  My sister is also married to an extremely brilliant and successful man who is 100 percent self-made and Ivy league (he is far from perfect just like the rest of us, but overall a great match for my sissy), so it makes my parents think that men who make wonderful husbands and fathers with superior educations and immense drive simply grow on trees or at least can be ordered off of a dollar menu.

Crush is the kind of man I am proud of.  All accomplishments aside (and he is very accomplished), Crush has a heart of gold, the kind of soul so pure that even his grandmother considers him to be the "salt of the earth" and told me that he was "born good."  As I get to know him better, I agree with her.

I am honored to call Crush my man, I have never felt this with anyone I have shared myself with and I have always yearned for it.  The way my mom, friends, and sissy look at their husbands sometimes, with this gaze of absolute awe and love and then their faces just light up and I can see them falling even more in love with their gents, I never understood this before I met Crush....

Cheese alert, cheese alert!:

I actually watch him sleep and check to make sure he is breathing when he snoozes on him tummy and I can't hear him snore (haha...omg, I am going to be the MOST paranoid mommy one day...) because I love him so much.  I have never felt this kind of attraction, completion, and understanding from a man.  I makes it so worth it that I didn't settle.  There is a lid for every pot and a man for every woman.  You can't settle if you are waiting for the real thing.

I have had many work things to wrap up lately and now I am just finalizing plans for Crush and my family.  All of my family here has been emailing me non-stop about meeting him. I am feeling joyful and I am looking forward to this memorable weekend with anticipation.  It is such a change from when I would do anything with Awful and my always made me feel like I was drowning in anxiety, I was so afraid for the inevitable, him figuring out that my parents didn't really approve of him as a person because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.  When we broke up, Awful told me that his parents always hated me and thought I wasn't good enough for him, so it was mutual I suppose.

I am counting the days until the next chapter begins with Crush, the one that includes my family.


  1. So excited for the big meet!!! I love that you watch him sleep and make sure he's breathing! I used to do that with Kip! Now I do it with my child. It's the truest love.

    1. It is! I am excited to watch a baby one day....for now my grown snory drooly will have to do. You are so sweet.

  2. So excited for you and good luck!!!


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