Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Review: Coconut Oil

You all know that I love oil.  Oil oil oil.  Argon oil, baby oil, moroccan (can you believe Mariah Carey named her son Moroccan?) oil and now coconut oil....LOVE IT!

Coconut oil smells like cookies and has so many uses: deep conditioner for hair, cuticle oil for nails, moisturizer for face and body, cooking/baking oil, lube (YES, lube!) is truly a natural miracle product!

I got into coconut oil because I have mild psoriasis and I am constantly researching ways to naturally minimize it.  Coconut oil is always raved about on psoriasis message boards, so I decided to try it, both orally and topically.

I tried to eat it (some people love it!), but I found that it coated my throat and the roof of my mouth and it makes me really queasy, so I opted to rub it all over and not swallow it and for now, it is working.

Coconut oil is really cool because it is actually a solid that can be heated up!  It then turns into a lotion/oil when applied.  After I open my jar, I opt to keep it in the fridge as I feel that it keeps it a bit fresher.  I like to bring mine into the bathroom when I steam up the joint with a hot shower as it softens up and then I rub it all over my body fresh and warm from the shower.  Crush told me I smelled like Mrs. Fields White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies when I applied it in his presence, so I will take it.

I find that when I apply it once daily, my skin is luminous, less itchy, and the psoriasis patches minimize.  I wanted to share as with the winter itchies, this may be a wonderful alternative to lotion for everyone, even those lucky ones without the dreaded P(soriasis).

I get my coconut oil at the very fancy and exclusive Wal-Mart.  Here it is.   There is a good description of it too.

Here is a great article about uses for coconut oil (101 USES!!!), it is really WONDERFUL!



  1. I love coconut oil. I keep a jar in my kitchen and bathroom. Its great to use for removing makeup.

    I use it for butter substitutions when making cookies, or go half/half butter/coconut oil. Works very well.

    1. I am totally going to remove my makeup with it, never thought of it and for cookies, too....THANK YOU!!! Going to take off my eye makeup right now with it!

    2. I use it with the cotton circle pads, but I'm sure you can use it alone.

      On another note, have you used Josie Maran's argan cleansing oil? Seriously, best thing ever. It removes makeup too. I love it so much. I was going to start doing the Oil Cleansing Method, but saw this stuff, and tried it instead, its awesome.

    3. YES! I have used it and I love it! I have been oil cleansing with Bobbi Brown's cleansing oil and I am loving it, too. Eventually I want to try the Oil Cleansing Method, too!


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