Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Miracle (Undergarment)

Yes, Crush, but this is super important, too!  My firm control slip:

Flexees Take Inches Off Wear Your Your Own Bra Slip (a total mouthful....!)

I wear it ALL the time!  It has totally changed how I look AND how I feel.  When I wear most of my dresses (wraps and sheaths) and it is simply my go-to undergarment.

I dress up a lot for my job and this keeps me feeling supported, sleek, comfy, and bonus, you can wear your own bra and it smoothes out the dreaded back fat.  Angels are singing.

Prior to this find, I was wearing Spanx, which are great, too, but I find they accomplish more for me when I wear skirts and pants, not dresses.  In dresses, sometimes Spanx gives me a slightly rounded tummy and a firm muffin top.  Depending on the dress, it can often make me look worse, NOT, better.

This slip can make me look very Kardashian and NOT pregnant, which is always a bonus considering that I am not currently pregnant, but have been mistaken many times for it.

I got my slip that has a super long tounge-twister name at TJ Maxx for around $20.00.  They are available in both nude and black, I have both.  If you are only going to get one, get the nude as you can wear it under both light and black dresses, it is a very good neutral nude.  Check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx, I see them there often.

Happy shaping!

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