Monday, January 21, 2013

Catch a Wave

Beach waves will never go out of style.  They are super sexy and remind men of making love, so they really like the look.

I have naturally wavy hair, but it looks limp or like a fro (depending on the humidity) without a little styling.

Up until lately, I just dealt with my hair naturally. Most days it looked terrible and some days, miraculously, it looked pretty good.  On one of those terrible hair days, I decided it was time to actually do something and I went to Ulta and browsed the hair appliance aisle.

I can only use wand curling irons (the kind you wrap your hair around without a clamp) because I never figured out how to curl my curl properly and when I use a normal curling iron, I end up with burns and a black eye.  I purchased the TIStudio Large Ceramic Professional Styling Elliptical Wand.  It changed my life.  No more bad hair days, EVER!

For real, this waver makes perfect waves and it is simple to use....wrap a strand of hair around it, wait 30 seconds, release and continue.  For some odd reason, It was discontinued for a while and just brought back into production, so get it while it's hot before it disappears again.  It is seriously one of the best hair tools out there for the perfect low maintenance (hair that looks like Blake Lively's)/high maintenance (hair that looks like Blake Lively's) style.

Wave it up!

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