Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Weigh

Guess what?

WW is going well.

I have been on point and feeling satisfied since Saturday.  It is only 4 days on program, but it is progress.  I am seeing a bit of the light at the end of the tunnel.  One day at a time of course.

Weird, but I have been following WeightWatchers according to their guidelines and it is easier than I thought it would be.  I know, I know....the stupidity in the above sentence even shocks me and I wrote it!  I am getting in the recommended amounts of water, dairy, fruits and veggies, healthy oils, and even my multivitamin.  I have been feeling satisfied.

As I was chopping melon this morning, it got me thinking that I am happy, empowered, and in control when I eat "on point" and yet I fight it.  The last 4 days, I have been super productive and I know my diet and mindset (I will do this!) is spilling over positively into all aspects of my life.

For years, I padded myself with extra weight to protect myself.  From men and mostly, from my own emotions.  And then I met the man who completes me when I was heavy for me.  When my skin had bad psoriasis flares from stress, weight gain, and self doubt.  Yet, I never feel self conscious with Crush.  I feel good all the time about my body when I am around him...I get proudly naked, I let him keep on the lights, I wear lingerie.  He makes me feel gorgeous.

So....this weight loss journey is really for me.  Not for Crush.  Not for the boys that called me Ogre when I was in 7th grade.  Not for guy in college who I thought was my friend who called me a hippo.  Not for the people on the bus or at my work who asked me when I was due (one of the reasons why I got a tummy tuck).  Not for Awful who told me I was becoming a fat girl and dressing like one. This is for me.  ALL ME.

I want to lose the weight.  To feel free, open, experience my life to the fullest.  I don't want to gain again because I am content, bored, sad, or depressed.  No more self-sabotaging.  I want to see, taste, and feel it all...without the layer of protection.  Without the excuse that my life isn't what it could be simply because I am overweight.  Being fat has always been the excuse I use when someone doesn't like me, when I am not invited somewhere, when I don't get what I think I's flawed reasoning and it needs to go.

One new improvement I am starting is that I not going to get on the scale everyday.  Why?  Because Monday is my weigh-in day at WeightWatchers and very often it takes an entire week to see a change on the scale.  When I get on the scale 3 times a day and I don't see a difference, I give up.  It is silly, but it makes me feel bad and since I need to help myself succeed, scale gets stepped on only on Mondays.

Happy Hump Day and XXX,

Ready & Fading


  1. Congrat R&F!!! Sounds like you're on the right track. No pun intended. :)

  2. Yesss, good for you! I've been on the journey before and I know how damn difficult it is. Totally agree on weighing once a week, I weigh every morning and it's discouraging, even when I fully KNOW that my weight could have gone up from yesterday due to salt intake or undigested food.

  3. "You didn't put on weight from one bad meal and eating one good meal won't make you lose weight" I saw that meme on Pinterest and it really made me realize its about the big picture. That's why I've never been one to weigh in multiple times a day.

    It sounds like you are doing well! I understand exactly what you're saying about being overweight as the excuse to everything you're missing out on, I do the same thing. Really identify with this post. You are fabulous, and doing it for you, to feel good for you, and for your future is what its all about.

    Plus, WW must calibrate their scales, I'm sure, so a weekly weigh in just makes sense!

  4. Bueller? I feel like you haven't written in a week!! Are you Ok!?!?


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