Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Another post on the iPad....please excuse the typos......

So, I have made a huge personal improvement in the last few weeks, sleep!

I am feeling a lot better, less hungry, and more positive. Who knew sleep could cure so many of my evils?.....well, I kinda did, but I have been the worst sleeper since high school. If I wasn't depressed or wasted, I wasn't sleeping.

Last year I went back on my antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. I needed was too much to even get out of bed or shower.  In addition, I was prescribed some meds for my ADHD.....something I was formally diagnosed with in college and I had never taken anything for it.....

I love stimulants. I love feeling up, I love feeling like I can accomplish everything, I love the chatty surreal rave like sensation I get and mostly.....oy........truth here.....I love that I dont feel like i have to eat or that i am hungry at all when I am on them.

My ADHD medicine was a stimulant and I fear I was becoming dependent on them....aka totally addicted.  The moment of truth hit me when I couldn't get my prescription refilled and I freaked out. Like had a mini panic attack and temper tantrum at the neighborhood pharmacy. It wasnt a good look.

The stimulants make you feel like no task is too boing, like no to do list is of long, like the email I deal with on a daily basis can be completed in seconds. I was Superwoman, until I wasn't.

Coming down is hard. Brutal. Headache, dry mouth, binge eating carbs....insomnia and then sleeping for 30 hours straight. My magic pills were becoming less amazing. The easy fill I always crave and seek, wasn't going to happen with ADHD medicine either.....and back to square one.

Since, I retuned from down south, I decided to retrain my sleep pattern. Much like how Sissy had to train Big Baby to sleep.  I gave myself a bedtime, I have established a nightly routine, and I have been sleeping the dark.....confronting one of my fears.

I look and feel much better.

I am beginning to think, like coconut oil, sleep is multi purpose, too! I am nicer, more patient, and generally excited about life with my zzzzzzz's.

I miss my stimulants, but I missed sleep more.


  1. Isn't it amazing what a few extra winks can do for your whole outlook? Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Detoxing from ADHD meds is a toughie, but I think necessary. I couldn't stand being on those pills, but it was great because I got so much done and had no desire to eat anything! Fabulous! They gave me headaches though. When I abstain from sugar I notice that my mind isn't so ADD all the time, and I can concentrate on my tasks. It isn't super hyped like when I was on the meds, but my mind was calm, non frenzy like.

    I've been trying to set a 'bedtime' for me too. I need that routine, us ladies gotta get our beauty sleep.


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