Friday, April 12, 2013

Weighing My Options

Back to my favorite subject I hate to weight.  Oy oy oy!

So......I had to take the bull by the horns.  Houston, we do have a problem.

I tried counting calories, I tried intuitive eating, I am in therapy for it.....BUT, well, the scale is going up  up and up and I just can't handle it any longer.

So, I am back in the saddle.  I resigned up for WeightWatchers.

I know....been there, done that.

This time, I really do feel ready.

You see, this will seriously be my 6th time back to WW.  I have failed so many times before.  BUT, well, but, I have never really followed the program correctly.  I played with the plan.  I binged some days, I starved others and when I knew I gained, I missed my meetings....not exactly the way you are supposed to follow it.  I never drank all my water, ate my recommended points, or fulfilled my nutritional requirements.

Yet, I had the nerve to complain that WeightWatchers never worked for me and that it was a crock of sh*t and all that.....but, I NEVER followed the program.  I made up my own rules and weighed in only when I knew I was down weight and called it, I decided that I am going to try one last time and actually follow the rules and see what is the best solution I can come up with if I want to keep the big gain from becoming monumental.

Yes, I anticipate ups and downs and tough weeks....but even if on average, I lose .5 pounds a week....that is still 25 pounds a year and I would be VERY happy with that.

As I cannot stop yapping about.....I think I will be engaged this year.  Well, I want to enjoy it when it happens.  I want to smile proudly in photos, wear sleeveless dresses, and feel all around excited to do all the things next year may trying on, the time to start being the best me is now.

I don't know how much I will chat about WW, but I will keep you posted about my status....hopefully on the weigh down!


  1. You gotta find what works for you. Lately, I've just been as diligent as I can. The insult from Nick dings in the back of my mind, and combined with my own insecurity, it keeps me from doing things I know I will regret later. It probably also helps that I get really sick after eating pizza, certain Thai food dishes, and bread. Which all happen to be some of my most favorites.

    Oh well. I think that as long as the goal is to be healthy and happy, NOT focusing on just the numbers, you will be good.

    1. It is so true! Nick is such an asshole, I can't even handle it. HE IS THE WORST. But, equally as bad as many I have dated, who were ALSO the worst. I am proud of you for being healthy for you.

      As for me, I won't even be looking at the is just that at my heaviest ever....I was 5 pounds less than I am now and I am a bit afraid as if I don't contain it now......I just fear it is going to get totally out of control!

      I will try to follow the program and maybe just maybe it will work!

  2. What I miss is you doing this for's not for an engagement or a dress or what not. Just do it for. Put yourself first. Absolutely first. And that means when you go out with friends and when you go out with Crush to not use that as an excuse to eat any different. That means just odering the appetizer and the soup and a glass of wine and leave the main if the others were rich enough.

    Sister! you can do this. I used sparkpeople which is free and lost 14 pounds and well, now I am in maintenance mode, but I just decided to go for 4 more pounds so I have a nice buffer zone :)

    The bottom line I learned is: If you want to be serious about it, EVERY damn morsel you put into your mouth, put in whatever online tracker you use. I mean, even the half a stick of carrot...every thing. I found that incredibly telling. If I had a bit of chocolate, I tracked it, everything and that's when the weight really came off....

    I did combine it with exercising, but it was 80% food and 20% exercising overall. being honest with yourself. I also followed a ton of motivational fitness and weightloss folks in instagram which often post these awesome message that really made me smile and encouraged me :)

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment. I just need to follow something. It is getting to a place where I am scared if I don't get serious, the task at hand to lose weight will be daunting and not just a little scary. I am going to look on Instagram and thank you again! Awesome job on your weight loss!


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