Sunday, April 14, 2013

10 Things To Share About ME

1.  Pizza is my favorite food.  I only like cheese on it.  A side of ranch dressing completes this yum.

2.  Haagen Daas vanilla ice cream is my favorite dessert.

3.  I miss my paternal grandfather very much.  I think about him all of the time.  I feel him around me often.  I think he found Crush for me and sent him my way.  For that I will always be grateful.

4.  I had braces.  I got them on at age 11 and off at age 13 and I STILL wear my retainer when I sleep.

5.  I couldn't wear a bikini until I was 20.  I can only wear high bottoms now because I have stretch marks on my lower tummy.  I am scared about stretch marks when I get pregnant (hopefully...cause you never know......).  Now, that I am a very high weight for me.......I thought, let's look on the positive?!  You don't have any new stretch marks and it made me happy because even pregnant, I hope to not get over the weight I am now.

6.  I used to only have psoriasis on my elbows OR knees.  Now, I have it on my elbows AND knees plus my upper arms, calves, scalp, wrists, tush, and upper thighs.  Often, when I lose weight, it goes away in every place, but my elbows OR knees.  I hope this will happen again when I get back down to my goal weight.

7.  When I was dating Awful, who was 5'6, I dreamed of all of my high heels.  I hated wearing flats all the time.  I LOVE wearing heels with Crush.  It makes me feel so much sexier.

8.  I love wearing lingerie, pearls, and red lipstick.  Not all at once, but sometimes I have done that, too.

9.  If smoking didn't smell or kill you, I would do it.  I love the ritual, how it helped control my appetite, and the sensual nature of it.  The same can be said about pot for different reasons and especially minus the controlling of my appetite....

10.  I am too self conscious to show my arms lately because of my psoriasis and weight gain.  I really miss my arms as I used to love them, so I hope they can come out to play again soon. to the gym for real!

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