Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do You Believe? The Time I Saw 2 Clairvoyants (On Different Days) Because One Of My Best Friends Made Me........ (PART 1)

It's time I share a little story about why I do believe things may be working out for me.

It is also the time that some of the people that are reading and don't know me may officially conclude that I am crazy....hell, some of the people who actually know me think I am, no worries there.

Now, I am going to tell you things that are going to blow your mind.  I know many of you may never believe me.  I wouldn't believe you if you told me the things I am going to share, but I promise you, they happened!!!!!

Here we go:

As I have shared, 2012 was the BEST and WORST year of my life all at the same time.  It was great because I met Crush, found myself, and realized that I have a food addiction that has held me back for years.  It was the terrible, because dealing with the sentence above SUCKS.......a lemon.

Here we go back to 2012 before I met Crush and started a blog....I was (and still am) living at home and every day was it's own roller coaster of emotions.  Some days, I felt on top of the world and others....well, I could barely get out of bed to use the potty.  Awful was still berating me with texts and emails off and on and that only stopped when I blocked him from my phone.....

SIDENOTE: If anyone is bugging anyone reading from moving on, block them from contacting you.  Seriously, this decision helped me mentally move on, so I was ready for Crush when he came my way.

One day in March of 2012, I was chatting with Smartie Best Friend on the phone and she told me that she had a very strong feeling that I needed to talk to a clairvoyant.  We both feel things (like our deceased grandparents) around us sometimes and she has gone to a clairvoyant a few times to help her through tough or uncertain times.  Smartie Best Friend told me something that I will always thank her for when I was hemming and hawing about going....she said, "Just go.  Stop fighting it.  If anything, it will give you hope." And hope was exactly what I needed at the time....

Smartie Best Friend had also just recently seen her clairvoyant (someone she has gone to a few times in her life and who lives in her hometown) a few months before and SBF showed her clairvoyant my photo and asked her if I would ever marry and her clairvoyant said...."Of course.  Tell her not to worry." and giggled and said it so matter of fact that it gave me the confidence to go see someone because the last thing I wanted was to be told I would never marry, like Charlotte was told in that episode of Sex and the City.

So....SBF went on Yelp and started looking up clairvoyants in my neighborhood and suggested 2 that I should call.  1 mostly, but, she had a feeling about the other one, too.  So, I listened to SBF, because it was what I knew I should do and because living at home for the rest of my life was not what I wanted.....and so I called the 2 clairvoyants, June (SBF's 2nd choice)* and DeeDee (SBF 1st choice)*, and waited nervously for weeks (both VERY busy ladies) for my appointments.....first one up was June.

I had my appointment with June one afternoon in April and she sees clients at her house.  When I entered, I immediately felt at was clean and calm, even though there was a cat know how I feel about cats......oddly enough, this was the only time, a cat's presence did not bother me.

June reads your angels.  Angels are pretty much your protectors.  Everyone has a few and they act as your inner voice and conscious. My angels told June everything at the reading....little gossipers they are....they told her about my breakup with Awful, my eating issues, and my recent successes and failures with owning my own business.  June told me everything.....down to me being sent by Smartie Best was the coolest.

June let me know that my grandfather, who I feel all the time around me, is very close to Earth and was trying to help me and was bugging my angels a bit, trying to get messages to me.  She told me that I needed to stay true to myself, to not let negative influences in (at this time, I was dealing with a lot of pressure from my mom to get online and get out there and date and I wasn't ready yet), and to get my eating under control....she suggested protein which really does work for me when I eat it.

We discussed some exercises to keep negatives out and she assured me that my angels were looking out for me and wanted me to have the best life possible.  It was all very hopeful.

The thing that resonated with me most from my session with June was that she had me close my eyes and identify my safe place....which is and always will be,  the beach.  She then described the exact scene to me.....the waves, the sand, the solitude (I see vacant beaches, not ones in Miami beach), the rocking chairs on the porch.  It was AMAZING.  She then told me, "you will be at that VERY beach in 6 months - 2 years.  You will meet someone who has a connection to that stretch of beach" and I laughed.  She assured me that I was seeing a premonition, a place of my future.  I really wrote it off, as nice as it would be and called SBF up and told her EVERYTHING including the fact that I would have a beach house....and we giggled.

Flashforward to 2013....BUT....well....Crush's folks have a beautiful beach house.  The first time Crush ever took me there, we arrived very late at night, looked at the stars, and went straight to bed.  It is in such a remote location, that at night it is EXTREMELY dark.  In the morning, when I woke up, I went to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast and OMFG.....the view was MY VISION of the beach that June saw....down to the rocking chairs.  I immediately ran out the back of the house to the beach in my nightie (it was cold and this wasn't a good idea) and started was all very full circle and the beach comes in more take note.....

Be back soon tomorrow with Part 2.  Trust me, the best is yet to come with this little novela.



  1. Wow!! R&F what a great story. I can't wait to to read part 2!!!

  2. Blocking people is the best things cell phone companies offer.

    This story sounds interesting! I'm excited to hear about the second part!

  3. Ah! I'm reading in order! What a great story so far!

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! It was time to tell......I am super EXCITED for you and your future.


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