Friday, April 26, 2013

Question Me

Last night, Crush and I asked each other the 276 questions you are "supposed" to ask your significant other before you get married.

It was SUPER fun because I love talking, so answering 276 questions about myself....SCORE!

The truth is this....I already knew ALL of his answers.  He knew most of mine.  We really don't have any secrets.  In our case, we have been forced to be super open because of the long distance.  We talk at least 1 hour a day and in the beginning....5 hours or more the first couple of months...neither of us ever slept.

We both know that we need all the facts because a move for me is not a small compromise (even though I CANNOT wait to get out of the shity city).

As I have mentioned, Crush was engaged before.  His ex-fiance and he had trouble communicating and went to premarital counseling in a effort to save their relationship.  They were given this list of questions to discuss and couldn't get through it without multiple fights, tears, and insults.  If Awful and I were given the list.....OY!  I would have had to throw something at him, I am sure of this.  And since Awful was always very lawyerly and abstract with his answers....which frustrated me to the core....I would have had to throw something heavy at him......encyclopedias maybe.....

As my Crush's parents and mine and are preparing to meet in a few short weeks, we both thought this exercise was very appropriate to make sure we know all of our answers if we are put on the spot.  Both of our sets of parents like to sometimes ask "innocent" questions that are really very direct...."what are your plans for work?" is really code for "how long do you plan to live in the city before you move to the small town and give me grandchildren?"  We know this.

As for the questions, I advise you all....single, dating, engaged, or married, to do it.  Answer your own questions.  It really helped me get to know myself even better and offered an opportunity for self analysis.  In my case, Crush and I are very different when it comes to past life experiences and personality (I am an extrovert for the most part and he is an introvert for the most part), but shockingly similar in most other areas: politics, religion, family, money, health, sex, etc.


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