Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Review Time: Annie Begins (Review #2)

Annie Begins by Michelle Toth is one of the best books that I have read in a long time.  Sissy told me about it and I always trust her book recs as she was an English major in college, has awesome taste in books AND music, and doesn't like bad chick lit.  She only likes "sophisticated" chick lit.

Also, Anna Begins is my favorite Counting Crows song EVER.  And Counting Crows is my favorite band ever.  And, if you play the live version of Anna Begins (#9 on Across a Wire: Live in New York City, Counting Crow's VH1 Storytellers CD, blue disc, not the red one AND my favorite CD of ALL time), well, then, you can have me anyway you want me....often naked.

Annie Begins....Anna Begins....close, I just had to give the book a chance!

Back to the book......Annie Begins is a wonderful quick read.  Here is Amazon's summary:

At almost 29, Annie Thompson is as brilliant in business as she is disastrous in relationships. It's the dawn of the dot-com boom, and Annie is determined to make it big. But her single-minded focus on work is put to the test when the man of her dreams announces that his wife is divorcing him, and designates Annie "the best listener he knows." Suddenly she's juggling his mixed signals and her entrepreneurial ambitions--not to mention a complicated friendship with her new supervixen of a roommate. 

Annie's pursuit of Mr. Tall, Dark and Barely Available takes a turn for the unexpected when her young, terminally ill cousin, April, makes it her mission to find Annie a husband. But the fiancé April picks is definitely not the kind of man Annie would have chosen. Now, Annie has to ask herself what exactly she wants and values most deeply in a man--and in herself.

This book is pretty much a text book love story....with many bumps along the road of course.  It is beautifully written, completely descriptive (you feel like you are in an episode of Friends or The Real World from the 90's...but, in a good way), and very interesting as it is set around an Internet start-up and the first concept of online dating.......had to start somewhere....! 

Check it out and get if for your next quick read, beach vacay, or lazy weekend.

PS: I do not get paid for anything I ever suggest or should all know that.....I don't even know how that works.  So, everything I like, I really like.  Not saying you will, but you may, so that's why I am sharing! 


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