Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wheat Free Wednesday (3)

Yes it is Thursday.

I spent yesterday working and making my existing clients feel taken care of and reviewed all of my business practices and policies. 

Rolling, rolling, rolling......

So, I am VERY happy here with the scale.  Kisses scale.

Downward trend is good.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Truth be told, I am still eating lots and my skin did flair a bit (sorry if I gross anyone out with this stuff) because of the stress of the recent firing, but I didn't turn to food, because without the wheat, my cravings have been easier to control.   I was even able to combat a french fry and milkshake run (well that had more to to with a snowstorm than anything else....)....eventually.    

Week 1: -3
Week 2: -2

Week 3: - 1
Week 4: -1

TOTAL: - 7 


  1. Slow and steady is right! Its something I forget all the time, I feel like I go hard and don't get the results I feel I should get, then give up.


    1. I forget it ALL the time, too. Sometimes after 3 good eating days, I expect 5 pounds gone because that is how quickly I gain the weight.....oy! I have come to try to remember (try is the word here) that there are 365 days in a year and if I do my best long-term, even 15 pounds lost in an entire year would make me super happy because it would be progress!


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