Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travel Tip for Short Trips

As you all know, I have been going back and forth almost monthly to see my Crush.  I have become a much better packer.

When I am at my goal weight, traveling is super easy as I feel confidant, so I don't need ALL of my potions, lotions, and cosmetics to look good because I feel good on the inside. Also, my skin chills out the less I weigh.....yet another reason to get back down to 160 pounds. 

These days, I seem to be packing a whole bunch of my beauty products.  Not makeup, I have that down to a science (Naked Palette, Loreal Voluminous Mascara, Armani foundation, Nars Orgasm Blush, and Nars Heat Wave Lipstick), but it is the shower, skin, and face products that are weighing down my bags.

It gets difficult as so many of my favorite things do not come travel sized (coconut oil!).  Because my skin often gets irrational when I take it places, I like having my old favorites (coconut oil!) on hand at all times to help comfort a flare.

Enter a very good solution, an empty contact case!

I remember reading somewhere years ago, that an empty contact case can make a nice little pot for broken lipstick.  Meaning that if your lipstick breaks, you can cut it out of the tube, put it in some contact cases and then apply it with your finger (my way!) or a lip brush.

A few weeks ago when I packing to see Sissy, I thought, why not take my coconut oil in a few empty contact cases rather than lug the heavy jar with me.....it worked beautifully.  

Remember, contact cases are designed to hold a liquid, contact solution, so they are secure, if you close them correctly.  I have personally tried it with my vitamin E oil, my argon oil, and my coconut oil. They have all traveled wonderfully, no accidents.  I could see packing eye cream, lotion, face moisturizer,  conditioner, shampoo....sky is the limit, especially for short trips!  

I bought a bunch of contact cases at the dollar store (and I had a bunch floating around, too because I have worn contacts since I was 15) and I labeled them with a black permanent  marker, so I know what is inside of each one.  I put the cases in my carry-on liquid Ziploc, in case they opened, but none of them did.

I took this one step further and now I am carrying a little vitamin E oil in my daily makeup bag for those times when I need some intense moisture for my skin or lips. 

Try it!  It will save you some precious packing space! 


  1. You know, this is a really good idea! Great for the liquids for travel, but also a good note for the broken, or nubby almost gone lipsticks! Going to have to try that. :)

    1. Thank you! It has saved me a TON of space, especially for the 3-4 night trips when I am between checking a bag and not.....most of my fav products do not come trial sized. YAY! Happy to share.


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