Friday, March 1, 2013

A Special Dress

I have a dress I love.

A few years ago my mom bought it for me to wear and I couldn't zip it.  Not even an inch.

I thought about wearing it ALL the time.  When I read menus at restaurants and decided what to eat, when I turned up the resistance knob on my spin bike a the gym, when I chose club soda over vodka and soda out with friends.

4 months later I wore the dress to my sister's bridal shower and felt sensational.

When Crush was visiting my sister's this week, he saw a very sweet photo of Sissy and me hugging at her bridal shower.  I was wearing the dress.  He said, "wow, babe, you look beautiful in that dress (it is a gorgeous turquoise silk shantung), I love it, please wear it for me sometime."

As a smart girlfriend, I didn't say, "oh, I can hardly get it over my hips now."  I smiled and said, "you bet, mister, for you, anything."

Today after a HUGE lunch of snacks, I got out the dress and tried it on.  The zipper went up halfway, but I have a far way to go.

And then, I thought......I got into this dress for Sissy's shower and loved wearing, I want to wear this same dress for another special occasion, when Crush and my parents meet for the first time which will be this June.

I think in 3 months, I can make this happen.

But, this time, I want to make sure I can always get back into my favorite dress.  I can't do this short-term diet stuff anymore.

How lovely it will be to have a closet full of clothes that actually fit.


  1. It's good to have goals...there are some super inspirational fitness/weightloss folks I follow in Instagram. I just lost 6 kilos, so I am really really pleased and it's been really encouraging and motivating following them. I think a dress motivation is great to have though but you are right, I have noticed before that you often mention loosing weight for an event or working toward and event or a dress......and that's not sustainable.
    I always try to tell myself that all these snacks and dessert and what not will be there tomorrow. There is nothing I have to eat right now this second immediately or I will never have it again;) That's a change in my thinking. I used to think it was JUST FINE to have a lovely dinner out, an appetizer, main dish, dessert and a lovely bread basket. Now I try to skip the bread basket or just have one piece of bread, do a soup and a lovely main and have a coffee after...or, you know, something like can do this.....but life is this way, I think. You never have all areas of life in perfect give yourself credit for all the other things that work great. This one will fall into place too.

    1. Thank you for you thoughtful comment. I am trying to make this for life. I have road this weight roller coaster up and down for so many years, I am just tired of it. I make these little goals and then often when I achieve them, I reward myself with food....the irony. Other things are going well and I should realize it a bit more. THANK YOU! I love the tips as well.


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