Thursday, March 14, 2013

Can't We ALL Just Get Along

I love other ladies.  Not in a sexual way, but I do get a deep girl crush from time to time.  I see the appeal in the fairer sex.

I am not a hater of my kind.  Yes, I have battled jealously and I am open about it.  Sometimes the wave of WANT comes across me so quickly, I don't even know it is happening until I lose my focus and can only see my friend's perfect ass in her $200.00 years, my sister's beautiful newborn, my client's brand new car and house....BUT, everyone gets their own happiness and their own turn and I have learned (through lots of therapy and self reflection) to just chill it out, worry about myself, and live my life for me.

One of the best pieces of advice I have received lately, came from a vendor in my business who told me that he has no real idea of his competition.  He doesn't waste his time too much on social media or stalking out people who also offer his same category of services.  This helps him through life because he makes his own rules, his own goals, and his own paths  Organically, he is different because he isn't worrying about being like everyone else and this makes him successful....his own authenticity is his brand.

Sometimes I get really annoyed when people can't own up to reality.  When women can't share their truth because they need to be perfect.  You all know that I don't believe in perfection and coming to terms with this has been the best thing I have EVER done for myself.  I hate when ladies cannot admit a little that having a newborn is tiring, that dieting leaves you wanting, that being in a relationship isn't always peachy keen and rainbows and sunshine.

Please don't confuse this with negativity.  It is the opposite.  This is ownership.  This is pulling the veil off of life.  A gal should be able to ugly cry to her friend because she wants a baby and a man.  Then when she gets both of these things, she should be able to ugly cry again because her baby and her man both won't shut up and she is tired.  Hell, ask some of my besties....they have seen it all from me.

Now, time for a rant.

I love reading blogs and I LOVE each and every blog I follow.  Want to know why?  Because each and every one of you in your own way are REAL.  You have ups and downs, struggles and successes, you take the time to show the full range, the perspective.  It isn't all rainbows and sunshine, just like life.  Sometimes I want to like a blog because it is popular, but the baby always sleeps 15 hours a night, the oatmeal 101 different ways is always YUMMY, and the workout is always the BEST EVER and I call a bluff...tell it to me straight sister, or don't tell me at all.

In honor of being real, I share with you 10 honest and true facts about me.  If you are up for it, share a few about you!

1.  I wet the bed pretty regularly until I was 13.

2.  I have stretch marks and cellulite.  I have stretch marks on my lower tummy.  I fear that when I one day get pregnant, they will spread and I won't be able to wear a bikini and for me wearing a bikini is such freedom because I didn't wear one until I was 21 because of all of my weight issues.

3.  I have a big vagina.  I have big labia.  I know this is a current hot topic, but I do and it used to make me really insecure even though I have actually received many vagina related compliments from men....secret: straight men LOVE ALL KINDS of vagina.  I remember the first time I realized my vagina could be different was when one of my college friends got naked when drunk and I really looked at hers and thought, "Shit! mine looks NOTHING like that!"

4. It took me 5 years to graduate from college.  I almost flunked out my sophomore year of college because I was so lost, drunk, and depressed (even though in the moment, it was a pretty fun year).  It wasn't until I went borderline anorexic at age 20 while on WeightWatchers  and lost 30 pounds in 3 months did I realize that most goals can be attainable (not all, most) with focus, determination, and hard work.  A person who almost flunked out of college ended up graduating with a 3.4 GPA.

5.  I had sex with a person 2 times and remember neither of them because I was so blacked out drunk.  He was a friend of a friend.  I know I put myself in the situation and all, but sometimes I believe that he took major advantage of me.  I sometimes wish I could see what occurred, be a fly on the wall.  How did I allow it to happen a second time when I felt so angry, ugly, and betrayed when I woke up the first time (the 2 occurrences were separated by a few months).  As I have sought better clarity of my issues, this is one that has been coming forward and it scares me.  The darkness and danger I used to put myself in.

6.  I binge eat and have since I was 8.  My trigger foods are cereal, crackers, chips, and bread.  It will be something I struggle with for the rest of my life.

7.  I believe in ghosts and I have seen them.

8.  I accused Crush of having Asperger's (nothing wrong with that, but he doesn't) because he is terrible at casual conversation and in the moment forgets what he is saying and asks people questions he knows the answers to.  I was one of the meanest things I have done in a while.

9.  I have an anger problem.  When I was younger, it was bad.  Temper tantrums.  Now, I can control it, but one night when I was drunk a few years ago, I hit Awful very hard with my fist.  It was after we had a dinner party which I had arranged in honor of his friends and spent all day cooking, decorating, and serving.  At 2:00 am in the morning while I was cleaning up, he told me that the outfit I was wearing that night was a "fat girl outfit and that it was highly unflattering."  The rage I felt at that moment was white hot.  I lunged at him before I knew what I was doing.....I wanted to hurt him more than just a punch, I had to resist the urge.  This is the single reason that I no longer allow myself to get out of control with the liquor.  Both of my parents as sweet and as lovely as they are, have anger problems, too.  They used to hit my Sissy and me.  The way to end a fight in my home is to break something.  Once the glass shatters, the make up process begins.

10.  If I could be anything in the world, it would be a famous comedian.  I sometimes wish I would have honed my skills a bit more and actually pursued it for a bit.  Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler are 2 of my idols.



  1. Now I'm totally stressed out. Have you been stalking me my whole life? Do we have a Single White Female on our hands? :)

    Every single thing, with the exception of one - check, check, check, is my life to a tee. And maybe number 3. I don't talk about sex, don't acknowledge or participate in conversation.s My girlfriends tease I'm the 40 year old virgin. (I'm just really super private about it!)

    The fact that you can eloquently acknowledge each and every one of those line items means you accept who you are. I envy that.

    Oh and for the bikini - enjoy your little ones when it is time. xo

    1. HEHEHEHEHE! I have been feeling this way about you, too! Every time I read your blog, I feel like I am reading a preview into my a few years, I yearn to be a wife and mommy, just like you!

      As for the sex, I was raised to be really natural....I can tell my mom is a bit of a perv and she made all the bathroom, body, and puberty stuff so awkward, she is SUPER open and now, well, yes, I am turning into her.

      Thank you for the compliments and I feel the SAME way about your posts.

      The gym is becoming something I can tolerate knowing I am moving to more of a bikini climate...oy.


  2. I really hate seeing women hating on other women. While I'm guilty of being jealous of other women, I've been trying to change my mindset to admiring them, because its generally because they have great athletic bodies, or skinny legs or something to that effect. Admiring them for their dedication to fitness or a sport, not just admiring them like some man perv. hahaha.

    Thinking of something true and honest about me. Well, I also have stretch marks and cellulite, I don't necessarily binge anymore, but I do have a food addiction, and always will. I used to be addicted to fast food in a bad bad way. Secret eating too. I don't eat fast food anymore, NEVER. On the way to Vegas we stopped at McDonalds, and all the boys got FF, I scrounged around for almonds, smart pop, and a cup of tea in the gas station store.

    If I could be anything, I would be a doctor.

    Love this honesty style list! What a good idea!


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