Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Opera Man

Do you remember Opera Man on Saturday Night Live? (Sheesh......Lorne Michaels, share your SNL clips!).

Adam Sandler sang the news in a goofy childlike way without finishing his words fully and everyone loved it, including me.

I love me some Adam Sandler, but not as much as Andy Samberg.  But, aren't they the same (yummy, hilarious, singing men...so ugly they are HOT) just Adam is 1.0 and Andy is 2.0?

Yup, that is what I thought.....

So, a few weeks ago when Crush was up visiting Sissy and company, Crush and I took Big Baby out for the day.  The three of us had lunch, ice cream, went to the park (Big Baby LOVES the swings), and then an indoor jungle gym of sorts which had really random stuff like light tag and a moon jump.  I think I had more fun than Crush and BB did....I am young at heart.

This was the first time Crush was with BB without my mom or Sissy and he was somewhat in awe of my babysitting skills.  He asked me: "How do you know how to get BB in and out of the car seat? How do you know how to cut BB's food up like that?  How do you know all of those kid's songs?  How to you know how to change a diaper?  How do you know how to play like that?"

It was very cute.

My answer was: "Because it isn't that hard.  I use common sense.  I am not scared of little ones.  I was a camp counselor.  I was a nanny.  I had regular babysitting jobs (one of my former babies is now 17 and is one of my best friends and will be in my wedding one day, Crush has met her).  I was a lifeguard.  I taught swim lessons.  I have younger cousins.  I took acting classes.  I like being silly.  My mom is the baby whisperer and handles a doodie diaper and a crying child like no one's business (half of the reason why BB's nightly scream order is, "Mommy!, Nanny! (my mom), Daddy!,  Elmo! (too cute for words)."

Crush and I have had different lives and pasts.  Some would consider my life charmed (I grew up wanted, my parents are still married, my dad paid for my college and will pay for my wedding....I KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM!), but I always had a job.  From the time I was 12 and watched the 17 year old's I mentioned above, older sissy, I have worked.  I had after school jobs, weekend jobs, and summer jobs.  From 7th grade until now, work has simply been a part of my life and because of work, I have learned how to do many things I wouldn't have otherwise, like how to clean vomit out of a urinal (waitressing at a bar), how to wash towels  (manager at a pool), and how to change and bathe a baby after they have had a total diaper blowout (babysitting).

Crush had never worked before his adult job now.  He grew up with full-time help.  Live in maids and then separate people who cooked.  He went to prep school for high school and left him home truly at 15.  His family is wealthier than mine, but you would NEVER know it by meeting Crush.  He is frugal.  With a capital F.

His lack of spending, doesn't bother me because I would rather leave something for my future family than waste every penny on mindless things now....but, sometimes I wonder....how did you get to be in your 30's without knowing how to cook, clean, or even tip (I once caught him leaving $3.00 on a $50.00 check WHERE we experienced great food and fantastic service)?

The reality is that no one taught him and he never learned from experience.

Unlike me, he never worked at a restaurant and learned that you make money from tips and tips alone for the most part....(he thought servers got paid well hourly...?).   Our pasts are different.

Yet, I don't speak a second language like Crush does.  I also don't know how to play the bass, acoustic guitar, or piano like my love.  And let's not forget that I have no idea how to save, play the stock market, or how to invest.  We really do balance each other out.  We both bring equal experience and knowledge into our common bond. It is really neat.

While Crush and I were playing with BB, he kept talking like Opera Man (well, Opera's Man's one eyed cousin).  It was slightly terrifying BB.  As BB climbed into my arms for safety, Crush caught wind of the diss.

He asked me, "Does BB not like me?"

I replied, "BB loves you.  The thing is, kids are like dogs.  They sense things.  BB can probably just tell that you don't know how to do the same things I know how to do yet, but when you show BB you can do them, then you will see, BB will come around.  Maybe stop talking like Opera Man to start and just speak in your normal voice.  Baby voices are cute and fun sometimes, but kids respond well to adult voices, too."

As the afternoon wore on, I showed Crush how to change a diaper, how to warm BB's milk cup, how to put BB in the car seat, and how to get on BB's coat, hat, and mittens.  By the time we got home, Crush and BB held hands as he took BB inside.  It was real sweet.  My Sissy was VERY impressed.  It takes a lot for BB to warm up to people, especially to men as BB is around ladies most of the time.

It showed me that everything is teachable and everything can be learned.

 You just need 2 willing parties.


  1. I mostly agree with you that everything is teachable and everything can be learned. However, I do think that some traits, habits, and characteristics are genetic or so deeply ingrained that they never change, and that's what makes you unique! The challenge for me is figuring what I can forgive in a partner as something he just hasn't been taught yet, or what is a character flaw.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback and I agree. I plan on writing a post very soon about traits, habits, and characteristics that are hard to change dealing with Crush and me.....it is so true pertaining to forgiveness or a character flaw. I love the wisdom!

  2. Our dear friend and neighbor walks around his house singing like that. And tells his kids that he is practicing to be the next Cantor at our shul. It infuriates the kids! I find it the funniest thing ever.

    1. OMG, I love this comment....my grandpa would do this and out in public and when I was in junior high and high school.....oy! I also find it to be hilarious. In private, Opera Man away...Big Baby was TERRIFIED.....I mean at one point, covering the eyes....! Hehehehehe!


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