Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Bought A Dress REVISITED

Last month I told you that I bought a dress in 2 different sizes.  And I tried them on again and the smaller size fit.  Yes, that is right, I accomplished a mini goal!

I think it fit because I cut wheat for the most part (there have been wheat slip ups, but I am just trying for the majority, not perfection....all or nothing just doesn't work for me anymore!) out of my diet 90 percent of the time. I also have been trying to hit the gym 4-5 times a week.

Cutting the wheat has really helped control my binges and excessive over eating.  I will say that my skin isn't looking as good as it did before.  I am bummed.  I initially gave up wheat to help my skin.

But, psoriasis is an immune disorder without a real cure, so I will try anything and everything.  The fact that I lost 7 pounds in about a month while still eating french fries, chocolate, and ice cream AND that I haven't binged too much is a total win for me. I am sticking with a mostly what free diet skin improvement or not.  I know when I head down south, my skin will improve a bit, too....nothing helps it like the sun and salt water.

So, now that I made my smaller dress goal, I am going to make another mini one....4 more pounds before the wedding.  I have over 3 weeks, so I think if I keep going to the gym and resisting is my weakness....I can do it.


  1. Good for you! What an inspiration. Keep that dress hanging in plain sight!

    1. It is currently hanging off of a piece of tall furniture!

  2. I have full confidence in you R&F!!! Keep me posted!


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