Sunday, March 24, 2013

Almost Home, Yet Right At Home

I return tomorrow to the cold and my final months up North.  I wish I could stay here forever (even though it is unseasonably cold here, too).  I have never felt so at home.  This weekend exceeded all of my wildest expectations.

As I shared, 2 of my besties came to visit Crush and me in my new almost hometown and the weekend is one I will NEVER forget.  Both besties are pregnant and glowing and seeing them with their hubbies and bellies really made my year.

Crush was his charming self and besties reported in that he reminded them of my dad.  I agree.  Crush IS JUST LIKE my dad come to think of it.  He is kind, quiet, pure of heart, honest, and a real observer......Maybe that is why I love him so much, because he reminds me of one of the greatest men I know.  My daddy is the best: he wanted me, raised me, and has never stopped believing and supporting me (and my besties reminded me of a few stories I must share that daddy wasn't so proud of at the time).  

Besties, hubbies, Crush, and I did a little site-seeing, took a quick trip to the beach (brrrr, it was freezing, but there will be others times, that I am sure of), and ATE ATE is what we do best all together.  And let me tell you, years ago it was DRINK DRINK DRINK, so.......much improvement.

I love that I can be ME with besties and Crush.  I can be ALL of me.  There are no secrets.  There are no forbidden stories.  There are no filters.  Crush likes ME for ME.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I told him I was WILD and he didn't really believe me because he knows present me.  And besties know me now AND me 12+ years ago, so I am glad that Crush got to hear about old me through the best orators in town.

I have always wanted what I have now with Crush.  A man I am proud of.  I love to hold his hand, sit next to him at the dinner table, and smile for cheesy photos.  My besties have the best husbands and now in our little group, I found my own gent, the missing piece for many years.  It is not about being a 5th wheel.  I have brought serious boyfriends to the table and I have sat alone proudly.  It is about bringing the right kind of man for me to the mix and that is and always will be my Crush.

I know that no one is happier for me than my friends and that kind of love....there are no words to express my gratitude....I am tearing up just typing it.

Friends come and friends go, but once in a while, you connect in a way that cannot be broken.  That connection is one for life and when you find it, you just know.  You may talk only a few times a month, but the bond in your heart, it is a daily one.  Washing the girls who held back my hair when I vomited, let me throw chicken nuggets at them in drunk range, and always supported my CRAZY ideas become the best wives and mommies has been such an honor.  They are terrific role models for me.

The future has so much in store.  Bonfires at the beach.  Smores and sandcastles.  Babies in bathing suits.

More best friend reunions.  Next time with new life in tow.

Pinch me.


Tell me your truth and I will continue to tell you mine......