Saturday, March 2, 2013

Product Review: Nars Albatross Highlighter

This is something I rediscovered in the bottom of my makeup box.  Yes, I have a box that I keep in my bathroom with each category of makeup (lipstick, lipstick, eyeshadows, eyeliner, etc.) divided into ziplock bags....classy, I know.

Years ago, I was convinced to purchase this highlighter from the Nars counter after picking up some of my other essentials....Orgasm Blush and Heatwave Lipstick.

I am not a person that loves sparkly on the face.  Dewey perhaps, but not JLo sparkle.  Sparkle makes me feel VERY 2001 and even though 2001 was a very fun (AND DRUNK!) year for me, I don't like when my face looks like a disco ball.  But there is something about Albatross that is different.

Nars describes Albatross as a "sheer light golden sheen" and I will agree here.  It is packaged just like their blushes, but I would consider it a highlighter.  If not used correctly, I could see how this could end up looking really white on the skin (I have a medium complexion), but a dab here and there adds a heavenly glow.

I use it as so:

1.  After I complete my eye makeup, a rub a tiny bit under each eyebrow on my brow bone.

2.  After I power my nose, I rub a tiny bit across the center bridge of my nose.

3.  After I apply by blush, I rub a tiny bit across by cheeks, from my upper cheekbone to my temples.

I find that if I apply with my fingers and not a blush brush, it gives me the glow I desire and just softens and lightens my face.

Since I have been wearing it, I have received many compliments about my skin looking lovely and looking rested (which I am SO NOT), so I giving Albatross the credit.

When I poked around on the Nars website, I couldn't find it, but it is at Sephora if you are interested.

Happy Saturday and get glowing!

I am off to the gym here myself.

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