Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank You, Kitchen Product Find, and Wheat Free Recipe

First and foremost, thank you readers for the wonderful and supportive comments regarding me being stuck.  You all are right and I appreciate the advice and I took it all to heart.  I woke up early this morning, made a list of what needs to be done, and I am moving right along.  I am feeling good and positive.  I need to live in my present, so I can enjoy my future, no regrets.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom, it means a lot to me.

A few years ago when I was still living with Awful, I became obsessed with making soup.  I was looking for comfort anyway possible and soup seemed to do the immediate trick, I was a soup machine.  Any and every veggie eventually became a soup: asparagus, cauliflower, squash, carrot, broccoli, pumpkin, potato......I am totally going to make some yummy soup for lunch tomorrow!

In my quest for the perfect soup, I discovered that I needed an appliance to make everything blend, so I could have a dreamy consistency without adding a ton of cream, butter, and fat.  Enter the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender.....heaven!

I use it to mix/make so many things: soups, salad dressing, lemonade, hot chocolate, sangria, smoothies, etc.  I also use it to beat my eggs for fluffy omelets and to work my butter into dry mixes for baking.  It truly is an AWESOME product.

This morning, I was in the mood for something yummy and I felt like starting the day with a hearty wheat free breakfast to keep me on track.  Armed with my hand blender, I decided to make wheat free banana pancakes, a recipe that I have seen on many cooking blogs and have always wanted to try.  It is super simple and not too messy.


- 1 ripe banana
- 2 whole eggs
- Dash of cinnamon
- Dash of vanilla extract
- Cooking spray or butter for pan

Optional mix-ins: chocolate chips, nuts, blueberries


1.  Beat eggs, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon in a large bowl until smooth with no lumps.   Use your hand blender for best results!

2.  Stir in any of your optional mix-ins (I had mine plain this morning, YUM!)

3.  Heat a skillet or frying pan and grease as needed

4.  Pour batter into the warm pan just as you would with pancake batter and turn flame to low heat.

5. When pancakes begin to bubble and the edges solidify, flip, and cook until golden on both sides.

6. ENJOY!  I did with maple syrup, they tasted JUST like pancakes and the banana flavor is VERY subtle if you are not a banana fan.

These babies kept me full until lunch time and I think this will be my go to breakfast for a while, SO SATISFYING!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Yum!!! can't wait to try it. Have a great weekend, R&F!

    1. You will LOVE it! They taste like real pancakes! Even better if you ask me!

  2. Immersion blender is the best gadget ever. I love mine.

  3. My verification word was just and wedding...seriously. :) Funny.


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