Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Costly Mistake and a New Life to Make It All Better!

Little Baby joined us yesterday!  Healthy, happy, and very flushed!  Sissy was born for childbirth.  First time with Big Baby, she pushed for less than 15 minutes and the big joke in my family was that she has a HUGE vagina...this time she pushed for ten minutes.....the doctor said that she has a birth canal designed for childbirth....much more complimentary than having a gigantic cookie.

We are super excited and I must admit, I saved the day as Big Baby was so super excited to see Auntie that I was able to get Big to bed in Sissy's absence and in a miraculous turn of events, we both slept all night, spooning.  Everyone was a bit shocked as Big Baby is VERY mommy (Sissy) attached, but Sissy and I do look quite alike and Big Baby was smelling me all night, so we must have a similar scent, too.

So, on Sunday night after my last blog post, I made a VERY costly mistake.  It involved liquid, my former laptop (only 1 year old!) and a huge spill.  The former laptop had already survived 1 major spill, so this was the straw that broke the camel's back....BROKEN!  I was able to retrieve all of my information off of the old one and sucked it up and reinvested today.......it was a costly mistake and it really got me thinking....

Back in June, someone spilled on my laptop and I was lucky, but it didn't work for 3 days.  Then, mere months later, it was spilled on again.  WHY DIDN'T I LEARN MY LESSON?

Now, I had to spend a huge unexpected sum of money to fix my problem which should have never happened in the first place!  Drinks and laptops DO NOT MIX.....I will NEVER make this mistake again....FOR REAL!  REALLY!

But, this little mishap is a true reflection of my life.....I make the same mistakes over and over again and then I am shocked that the results are always the same.....WHY?  WHY?  WHY?

As I drained most of my savings to fix this bummer, I thought to myself, R & F, this just needs to stop. I need to slow my roll, focus, take responsibility, and grow up.  Mistakes can be avoided and life can be easier than this.  I must take the extra few seconds to use my better judgement.  The buck stops here......I can't keep doing the same stupid things.  I no longer have the patience or the money.....OY!

Tomorrow, Sissy and Little Baby come home, so I will be busy taking Big Baby to music class and some other activities.  Playing mommy is fun, but being a mommy seems tough.  All the mommies out there.....I give you MAJOR props!!!!!  YOU ALL ROCK!  I am getting closer to being able to be a mommy in mind, but I am enjoying the rest I can still have for the next few years.

I will be back soon with some updates and I will be weighing in tomorrow, I looked today and I am down another 2 pounds, VERY excited!

Hope all is well out there in cyberspace and get those liquids far and away from your computers!


  1. You are like Oprah with your self-reflection! Seriously, you are getting good at this! Hugs for your sissy, squeezes for big baby, and long lingering sniffs of little baby :) xo

    1. Thank you! Baby comes home today and I am VERY excited! I gave Big Baby a bath this morning and ended up drenched with soap in my eyes.......miss you!

  2. I make mistakes like that ALL THE TIME. Most recently: blasting the mirror off of my car when backing out of the driveway. They're such avoidable mistakes and, I don't know. I don't know why it happens. Drives me insane.

    Playing Mom is seriously the most fun.

    Your family's jokes about your sister's huge cookie? DYING.


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