Monday, February 4, 2013

Best Gift for That 2-4 Year Old in Your Life

I was at a toy store last week with a dear friend of mine, waiting to get our nails done.  We were just browsing and then I saw something that I just had to buy for my Sissy's babies:

The Fisher Price Record Player!

It's BACK!

I can remember playing with it as a little one myself, I LOVED IT!

I read reviews and many people are all up in arms that it is NOT the same as the original one introduced in 1971.  The year is NOW 2013, I repeat, the year is now 2013.  I expected that the mechanics would be a bit different.  If you would like the EXACT same product that you played with many moons ago,  I would recommend searching eBay or hitting up an antique market, it seems that there could be some out there for collectors.

The 2013 addition record player has been a total hit with a very smart and special and musical 2 and 4 month year old I know.  The proof is in the playtime, which spanned almost 3 hours nonstop the first time it was introduced according to Sissy.

I HIGHLY recommend it for the little one in your life.  It may not be EXACTLY the same as the original, but it will still bring the EXACT same kind of smile to a child's face.

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  1. I love Fisher Price Toys! It's a good idea for a best gifts for ages 4 years old. Thanks for the idea! I'll be checking it out soon!


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