Monday, November 26, 2012

Some People

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I sure did and I ate too much and today I am going to be back on track....I know, just like every other Monday.  I swear, one of these days it will all stick, it has to.

Yesterday, I had a revelation.  It was a big thing for me, I just have to share.

As I mentioned, I own my own business.  I deal with the public on the daily and sometimes it is is less than fun.  My job gets emotional.  I get yelled at a lot for things that are not at all my fault and sometimes I lose my money and precious time correcting mistakes that are very much out of my control to help people and to most importantly protect my reputation. I do all I can for my clients.

If my clients do not trust me, I cannot help them.  This is just the way it seems to work and I currently have a client that does not trust me at all.

This particular client raised no red flags upon booking.  They seemed nice, kind, respectful, and most of all reasonable.  I accepted them and the challenge of working my tush off for them and all systems have been go...BUT, they micromanage my every move, they offer me unrealistic deadlines, they feel like they own me and quite frankly for the first time in my career, I offered them an opportunity yesterday to walk right out of their contract, no penalty, just because I fear that I will never be able to EVER satisfy them.

Yesterday, they called me to yell at me.  I admit, I made a mistake.  Out of fear, I tried to complete something for them that was unrealistic.  I promised something that I tried my best to deliver, but couldn't because of the holiday.  I am scared of them quite honestly.  Whenever I fear something, that is the only time I cannot tell the truth.  Over the years, I have improved my honesty immensely, but yet, I didn't call them when they sent me a rather rude email on Thanksgiving and tell them "no way!".  I was with my family and wanted to enjoy the day, so I said via email quickly, "I would work on it and it shouldn't be a problem."  And I tried.  I actually canceled my personal plans to bend over backwards for them and I couldn't get it done because I was relying on other people who were enjoying their own holiday, the way I SHOULD have been.

I spoke to them for more than 2 hours yesterday.  I defended my business and my character.  I didn't back down.  I set a more realistic timeline for me, for them, for the reality of the situation.  I didn't cry.  I didn't take blame.  I didn't lie.  Progress.  I got off the phone with them, this very rude and unhappy client that I will NEVER satisfy and I thought to myself, " I will do the BEST I can as I always do, but this is NOT my problem.  This is them.  This is insanity.  Separate the reality and the situation and move on."

And I have.  There are simply "some people" in this world and I do not consider myself one of them....I am different, I have taken the time to learn who I am.  I would never call someone up and be hateful, spiteful, and mean to exercise power.  I can't change the way people are, I can only help them the best way I know how.  I no longer let other people ruin my day when the people in question do not know how to act respectfully.  This is MAJOR progress for me.  In the past, I would let the behavior and energy of other people dictate my feelings about myself and I simply will not do it anymore.  I have learned to judge each and every situation I encounter separately.  It is a peace I have never had before.  I have learned to quiet my worst critic, my own self.  RELIEF!

Have a great day!

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