Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately, my procrastination has been the worst it has ever been.

My anxiety was running my life for the last year or so and I was a victim to it.  I didn't sleep many nights, I lived in fear of client emails and voicemails, I couldn't set boundaries.  All of a sudden my outlook has changed.

Some of this does has to do with the fact that I am indeed on anxiety medication.  It has been helping as it does.  The butterflies in my tummy are resting and I can go about my day without a tight chest and a clenched jaw, but.....

I feel like I have swung to the opposite side.  The fuck it side.  The none of this is that important right now, I want to go workout, take a nap, and then call my boyfriend.  I am still functioning, don't get me wrong here.  Emails are returned, but that is about it.  I receive 100-200 work related emails a day, so that in itself is a lot to handle.  If I wasn't moving, in terms of my business development, hiring someone to mange my email would be my next step.

I have a few things to finish this week.  They must get done.  All of my half finished and promised things, they must get done by Friday.  This is the goal.  I need to make sure of it because people are depending on me and I hate unreliable people, so I really don't want to become one myself.

Have a great day!!!!!!

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