Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eating Updates & Issues

Alright.  Not good, still not good.  My hunger monster is out of control.  I also got my monthly gift, so that is perhaps something to be mentioned, but not really an excuse.  I do retain water, but the truth is that I have been eating like absolute shit.  Not good.  Premium ice cream bad.

Today has been a bit better.

I am still exercising whenever I can. 

I do realize that when I do exercise, my eating is a bit better than the days that I don't. I am so ALL or nothing.  I know this and yet, well, I keep making the same silly mistakes.  WHY?  I haven't figured it out yet. 

So, I do have a little something to share.  I am meeting Crush's family soon and I am excited.  This is a necessary step in the entire process.  Family is one of those things.  They just exist and I wouldn't judge someone on their family, but it does play a part.  I didn't really like Awful's family.  I mostly didn't like them because they didn't like me and I could feel it.  I know when I am not wanted.  

I really hope that I am genuinely accepted.  I seem to have this major flaw where I like everyone mostly, I determine how much by how much someone likes me first.  That's why I have always dated the worst people...not because I liked them, really, because they liked me first. Oy. 

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  1. I eat out of control when I am PMSing as well. Generally its a carb craving, so I try to eat high protein, and add in sweet potatoes as my carb source, it really helps.

    I also buy the little 3 packs of 72% cocao chocolate bars from Trader Joe's, they are by the check out. Only $1.99 for 3 little bars, each bar is a serving, but I break them in half and eat that.


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