Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 Beauty Products I Am Loving Now

I am going to start sharing more about my love of beauty products as I feel you readers like it and I have almost no money in savings because I spend it all at Sephora....

1.  Smashbox Naked Palette 1 (<------ CLICK!):

BEST eyeshadow palette of ALL time.  Make sure you get the 1, I do believe it is the best edition. This is ALL I currently use.  In a former life, I collected eyeshadow like I currently collect red lipstick.  This palette is a bit shimmery, but not cheesy shimmery. I use all the colors for both day and night, the shiny darkest colors are perfect for formal events, it is really a one stop shop and lasts forever.  Constant compliments.  The brush and eyeshadow primer that come with the kit are also AWESOME.  And if I haven't sold you on it yet, the shape of the palette is really easy to transport and travel with.  HIGHLY recommended.  This is all I take when I visit Crush, even if we have to meet his ENTIRE family at a fancy party, so instead of lugging a million eyeshadow pots, get this.

2.  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (<------ CLICK!):

I love this stuff!  I am always looking for a long lasting, hydrating, not gloss option for my lips.  As I get older, I prefer more matte to gloss on my lips.  Too much sticky shine makes me feel like I look like a cougar. I always wanted lip stain to work for me, but it would seep into my lips and only stick to certain parts, so I would look like a crusty clown mouth, or perhaps a spotted snake lip.  Not cute.  This product is the cross between a stain and a chapstick (hence the name) and it really is quite FANTASTIC!  I know it will be discontinued soon, that is what Revlon ALWAYS does when I like something.... I like the shade Sweetheart Valentine.  It is the perfect soft pink, but beware, several coats can turn quickly into "Grandma in Florida" territory.  Applied lightly, you can get that soft movie star matte lip, like Rachel McAdams had in the Notebook. Also, it is kinda minty which is good because I get paranoid all the time that I have bad breath (I am sure I do often) and since this goes on the lips, let's pray that it can help my bad breath from being so noticeable.

3.  Amazing Concealer (<------- CLICK!):

YOU MUST BUY THIS!  Yes, it is expensive, but the tube lasts FOREVER!  Seriously, 6 months at least.  This is magic.  It covers everything: eye bags, pimples, scars from the pimples I picked, redness around my nose that won't go away.  A little goes a long way.   A dot is all you need.  As in all face stuff, I highly recommend you actually go to the store to find your shade.  I have found that not all Sephora stores carry this IN the actual store, so check out Ulta 3, too, they seem to typically have it in their stores, so you can test.  The shades are not true to swatch online.

Get your pretty on and I will share more soon!


  1. Awesome! You are my go to for products so I love these posts. I'm definitely going to check out the eye shadow. LOVED your last post! Bieber hearts for you!!!

  2. Thanks, lady! You will love the eye shadow, I promise. It is really the greatest, especially for Betty Davis eyes like yours. Also, my last post took a very long time to write, so give yourself 5 hours when I tell it to you......!

  3. I have the Naked 1 palette and use it all the time, when I wear eyeshadow, which isn't often. I don't really wear a lot of makeup besides Tarte's tinted moisturizer.

    Speaking of beauty products, have you used Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay facial mask/cleanser? I just bought some (2lbs @ Whole Foods for 10.99) and am using it now, amazing.

  4. I am going to try the healing clay, thank you for the suggestion, I am looking for a great mask, so perfect! THANK YOU!

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